Game 2862815

  • Hey folks,

    We are trying to get a ''great war'' map filled with players. If you are interested, please search for game 2862815.

    Some Bytro folks (dev/game desingers) are in the map as well, nice extra challange ;)

    Registration closes after daychange, so be quick if you are interested ^^

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  • just attempted to find this game and it is showing no Results? might be a map Buddha and I would enjoy playing with the high skill level of the devs...

    Please look into it, or only devs will be playing, my maps are showing over 5 hours still remain before day change

    Kind regards Hastings TNT

    Embrace your true nature , enjoy games and have fun!

  • I will join just so I can get my *** handed to me. It will be fun. Thank you Mr. Dutch for posting the game on the forum.

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