• This post concerns displaying the number of provinces for each S1914 map and their resource-type. As a consequence the base availability of resources of each map will be represented. The representation currently uses 100% fixed morale for output. With lower fixed morale or instead a range of province morale values the differences between the resource-type availability gets more amplified. These statistics were only available at this s1914 discordserver, that is currently constructing a sensible combat-predictor: http://bit.do/S1914.

    Besides the stats mentioned it is also useful to be aware of the size of the maps in comparison to each other:

    • the last map uses sizes based on the max/min values to cities on the x/y axis.
    • the Mesopotamia map is actually a round map.
    • europe 1914 and historical-europe use the same map, but contrary to all other maps, population and as a consequence many other values, like output, are not homogeneous (the map is atm omitted in the representation of resources underneath).


    battle of the balkans

    battle for western europe

    europe 1914

    flanders event

    Antarctica (steel and ice)

    • special provinces have been ignored and treated like double resource provinces


    • special provinces have been ignored and treated like double resource provinces

    historical europe (variable population)


    south-east asia

    the great war (500)

    the great war (31)

    middle east

    Based on this information other information can be retrieved like the province density of map. Values like these will probably be submitted at some point.

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