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    Attention Generals!

    While we keep working tirelessly on Supremacy 1: The Great War to get it ready for its world wide launch, we would like to take the time to thank you all for your amazing help on this journey. Your feedback and the personal gaming experiences that you shared with us during the last couple of weeks helped us tremendously!

    We are not able to thank each and every single founding member of the Supremacy 1 community, but we feel some names need to be dropped here as representatives for all the players who took the time to let us know what they love and what they dislike in their Supremacy 1: The Great War gaming experience.






    Golden Frieeza

    Hastings TNT


    Keji Gima


    Lord Dragos











    We continue working on Supremacy 1: The Great War and your feedback is still extremely valuable for us. So if you have something that you wouldn’t want to miss in the game, if you noticed something we should do differently, or if you figured out that something is missing completely head to the forums, Twitter or Facebook and let us know!

    Your Bytro Team

  • I like the way resources are grouped to both research and produce units.

    There are six types of resources, and five types of units, requiring 5 combinations of two resources each.

    Two of the resources, food and tools, are only used once.

    One way to balance this out would be to add a sixth category of units.

    Recon Units would use food and tools to research and produce, and require infrastructure to build. The existing

    Spies, scouts and balloons would fill this category, and perhaps some could suggest more types, for example, watchtowers.

  • Morale on the Veterans Front

    The negative factors for distance to the capital, neighbors and expansion seem too large.

    Many provinces on the map start with falling morale, and since the day 1 value is only 50%,

    it is almost impossible to recover. The distance to the capital penalty alone far outweighs

    the positive benefit of a propaganda office.

    Capturing just one enemy province gives a morale malus of -9 to every home province. That

    would require 15,000 food, tools and metal and 50,000 cash to build offices to overcome the

    negative effects.