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    Couple of facts before I go further

    Hnr- strategy based on activity only. No skills or knowledge needed. You use same troops , you can have them 100 time less, but you will still kill 100 times bigger enemy only due to activity. not possible in any other game I know.

    90- 95% of players use only Hnr and have no idea how to play a game in a different way.

    Hnr player can defeat any player he wants , even the best one, adding only some of gms to destroy airfields ( against plane) , lower enemy more ( gming province morale) and so on

    hnr players with 0 skills can defeat biggest Gm spender only by sitting longer and attacking only when enemy is afk to earn his $ for GMs

    there is also number of other tricks and strategies based only on activity and though this activity players stand no chance when opponent is active, they can decimate anyone when opponent is afk. Splitting troops from bombing run of afk players is simpel way to avoid force that is 10* stronger with simple move, that has nothing to do with strategy or skills, it is simple exploit due to holes in a codding.

    couple of guys sitting on same account , managing it 25 hours per day using different way to do it.

    in general bytro led to situation where activity is the only value important in their game while everything else is not important. because if you can show Hnr to day 1 player and he can take down anyone just by brainlessly sitting longer than opponent..... where does it leave space for strategy or skills? or even GMs

    activity players never attack active players- they always attack afk players which results in lack of any skills from them plus better players begin fed up with bytro policy to support 0 skill players. even regular players who are killed like that are very disappointed in strategy in bytro games as there is no strategy at all. it is just sitting longer which is brainless. imagine playing chess and winning only when opponent sleeps on the other side...

    Anyway - my point is- bytro cannot do anything to balance this. nothing with code, gameplay setup, game features. nothing to stop accounts which are active 25 hours per day. NOTHING AT ALL can be done to solve this so why not to kill that problem with one smooth move?

    My solution is simple like it was simple for other games. every player has limited number of hours in a day -24 h. every account has limited number of hours 24h per day. That way we will not have problem with cheater using all possible means to cheat TOS and Rules to get advantage over honest players.

    At the same time cheaters will lose all advantage they had and we will not have any more problems with cheaters in a large scale.

    another advantage is more accounts will stay longer in game and finally skills will be able to fight against activity. Same goes for Gms- they will be able to win against activity - which will generate more money for Bytro.

    at the same time alliance games, which were plagued with vpns and rdcing will become valuable option for most of alliances.

    check it with frontline pionners, in S1 and let players leave their feedback

    I know there will be a lot of shout from hnr and activity players who know they will lose all their fake ( created by bytro gameplay ) advantage they have, they will be threatening to leave and so on. But if they really like that game they will get use to it and instead cheating they will also use sitters. Hopefully they will Learn how to play so to overall level of skills will rise to something more than dull Hnr.

    post likes if you agree with that change as this will be the best way to show your support.

  • there are many aspects one must consider
    1 hnr is a real strategy in irl take that away how would a small nation defend itself? take away hnr and you just have number battles, also it just be fort defense on land and using meat shields again. it wouldn't be so bad to have a combat retreat feature that might work but its difficult to see without being able to test it. activity would be nice but its a hard work around to fix the issue.

    2 Your solution you given to "solve they problem" 500 and 100 maps wouldn't be much time to build anything mid to late game. games like these types of games do not place time limitations they add drawbacks negative affects so players are lead to manage game time/resources.

    in normal fighting conditions you need to spend about 5-10 mins within every hour. now having some drawbacks would be interesting but still it be unrealistic to implement and to relate to irl. the only thing i can see is to add some kind of communication net work feature which would delay orders and to have spies sabotage it. But then i would have to say that spies in general need to be reworked so that they hit at random times other than right at day change.

    3 there is no fix for attacking afk players for a rts game unless there was a pause button. there are many players around the world with different times they play.

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