Does naval combat become more relevant towards the end of a game or the beginning?

  • With 1914, I know naval combat almost dominated most games, now with cruisers being produced in less than an hour, I don't know how to utilize navel units.

    When do air units come into play, and what day should you have a well built airforce to ensure protection?

    Does flowering still work?

    (Off topic)When can we expect a mobile app?

    And lastly, what is the best ranged strategy right now? In 1914 you could hit and run killing loads of them before they catch up, now it seems with an overall health, it will be harder to use ranged troops efficiently.

    (Edit, all of these questions are for supremacy 1)

  • Well my playstyle is just what u are asking en hnr is no longer an option in sup 1 anymore as agreesive fire is free and default but I have to say range armies do have Thier uses but can't output the raw DPS of melle troops.but Id u know the tricks then range armies supported by navy and air units can kill off any player who spams level 6 cav the entire game Lol but if those melle units catch u better pray for Ur kill and death ratio and also navy is best for late game as u can use a battleships and level 6 torpedoes boats to just wipe out all the opposing cav spammers in Ur map