84 p map ends too fast

  • like really man the 15 day limit on 84p map is really killing me like u for Ur information most experienced players spawn in opposite sides of the game for some reason and for me to get to them it will take at least 20 to 25 days but u end the game at 15 days? Like how are u even supposed to finish the game early by getting all the cities and taking home a solo or coalition Victory ? 15 days is nothing this just makes me sad I am in a game with limorus and robner and I can reach to them in time because I only have 15 days and I already am on day 10 trying to take out Ireland like pls for the love of god increase the day limit by at least 5 days so I can play in peace and I will gladly see why won't u add more days with some proper reasons

  • Yes, I find this to.

    It's quite short for the big map it is. It's missing a grand finaly. By the time the map ends from what i've seen it's rare that someone accumulated the required points for a solo or coa victory so the map is ending due running out of time.

    For me personally it's a pity you don't have a great war on the ''The Great War'' map ;)

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  • I haven't finished my first 84 player game yet, but I'm expanding pretty fast. I feel like I'd be expanding even faster if not for the expansion penalty. My thought on it right now is if the game only goes two weeks, to encourage rapid expansion to get that point score before the time ends, the expansion penalty has to go, (Or be balanced better) or add a 'army power' morale modifier as well. As your army grows your morale is boosted. Kinda like a national pride thing.

    Another option would be for taking any province you get a low morale boost. then you could keep expanding to offset the expansion penalty. This could cause your nation to collapse if you got stopped cold though, which might actually be a good dynamic if it wasn't impossible to recover from.

    I'm still getting a feel for the game though so there might me good reason not to do this, just some thoughts I had right now.