• Simple map is needed when two players can meet in something that can be compared to multiplayer battle from other strategies in a market.

    it is more about testing military prowess than activity in night. So simple rule of instant production of troops would ne needed. As I see it:

    1.We chose one of existing maps like lets say Mexico/ Western Front

    2. we have option to have password

    3. we have option to play with or without GMs ( other option could be related to having HQ or paying 5 000 GMs fee).

    4. Then you decide number of $ you will be able to spend in this map. Lets say 10 M $ in this map ( 10 000k $). / We can equally allow to decide number of $ and resources available in that map.

    5. Then you have separate screen when you decide what kind of troops you will be able to buy for that instantly before game starts..

    6. Not sure if we can make it work but we can try to set up map screen where you buy and place airfields, factories, forts , railroads , ports and so on

    7. When both players press finish pre-set stage they arrange when to start the map by pressing and unpressing ready button. / equally you can add some kind of calendar to set up a date but it could be to much complication.

    8. When they start map troops appear in 1-3 locations behind main frontline and the battle starts.

    9. stats are not counted as this is challenge map and units are instant made. both participants should be treated as regular AI one to each other

    hopefully quick game

    no simcity

    pure strategy

    generating income for entry tickets

    should not last longer than couple of days

    low server costs

  • If we are not able to do that I would like to ask CM, CC and mods if we are able to set up such a RP game where only two players met with preset armies?

    We spawn armies according to what opponents chose for their fighting force, spawn couple of airfields I guess for planes some forts and railroads and there we go

  • Hey GF,

    Sorry for the delay.

    Thats not too bad an idea. I will have to get the go ahead from those above as they don't want us creating too many unnecessary games. However if you have HC you should be able to make all the above games yourself :)


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