Patch Notes - November 12, 2019

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    Attention, Generals!

    Today’s release sets out to greatly improve your game experience with a number of exciting changes to the overall look and feel of the game, some noteworthy balancing adjustments, and a whole new way to track your progress towards victory. See the list below for a complete overview of all improvements – including some important changes to the way victory rewards work:

    Victory Progress and Reward Changes:

    • We completely reworked the 'game end timer' popup to display your current progress towards victory – both as a single player and as part of a coalition.
    • Victory rewards are now based on each player’s or coalition’s relative progress towards their respective victory condition. This progress is reflected in a joint ranking table, accessible through the timer in the top right corner of the screen or from the new ranking indicator in the top bar.
    • We removed the special Gold reward in the amount of victory points for single players to give more weight to the position of each player or coalition in the ranking. To compensate for this we adjusted the single-player and coalition rewards for a position in the joint ranking. top positions now get significantly more gold and also active lower ranked player will receive a gold reward.
    • Finally, the new reward structure allows for coalitions that rank 2nd, 3rd etc. on the joint ranking to receive Gold rewards matching their ranking position as well. In the past, only a winning coalition could receive a coalition victory reward.


    • Due to game rounds ending rather fast we adjusted the balancing so that the late game can be reached earlier.
      • Resource production peaks faster
      • high level units will be produced faster
    • Unit speeds received slight adjustments.
      • slow units got a speed increase
      • fast units got the speed reduced slightly
    • Conscripts are the backbone of each army but were represented too much on the maps. That is why we increased their spawn time and made them more effective against unarmored units. That way they will die faster in combat and spawn slower, which increases the value of produced units.
    • In the research panel we added the information which building is required to produce the unit that is unlocked by the selected research task.
    • Joining a new game round through our game suggestion popup now grants a small Gold reward.
    • We introduced a minimum size for stock market offers created by the AI to prevent it from spamming the market with a high amount of very small offers.
    • We changed the way we display view range in the unit details panel: We now display the view range value of the inner view range which only includes the area of 'perfect' vision. In the past we displayed the view range value representing the outer view range (including the area that showed the preview of approaching units without detailed information on army size and type).
    • We made small but significant adjustments to the overall art style and color palette of Supremacy 1: The Great War to immerse you even more in the WW1 era.

    Bug fixes:

    • We resolved an issue that led to the coalition flag of the last selected army being shown for the subsequently selected army in some cases.
    • We fixed a bug that led to wrong resource icons being displayed in the province administration.

    We hope you like the update and wish you best of luck on the battlefield.

    Your Bytro Team

  • So "due to game rounds ending rather fast", methods are implemented to make them go even faster, am I getting that right? I'm also not sure how correct that assessment is, seeing as how a 100p game will usually reach around 50 Days quite easily. Kinda having trouble seeing how any tweaks were neccessary in the first place and then I think you tweaked it into the wrong direction, at least it sounds like you want them to last longer?

    Is there any overview available over the exact changes to the "conscripts"? I can't see that any of the ingame stats have changed, I'm also not sure I see any speed changes but that's just from recollection so some numbers would really help here.

  • Acorian brother....... We don't have problem with game progression to get to late game we need some extra days lol 15 days is like the starting faze of a sup 1914 map lol the maps are huge it takes sometimes an entire day to move fleets to far off nations lol we don't need faster pace game we need time to move and fight lol even if u add 5 more days it will benefit us greatly and really I have friends in 500 p maps who play maps 200 days old like bro at least give us a 20 + day time to finish the map of such size

  • I noticed in the 100 player (red vs blue) 50/50 map that factories give extra 9% resource production (normally 7%) and that forts give +10% moral bonus (normally 5%) is this the increase that was implemented or is this specific to this 50/50 map because you start out map at war with 50 countries?

    This is only new map I have started in past week which has a timer set for when map ends, so just looking for clarification... of what are the exact number increases and do they grow as we get deeper into the map?

    Also is there a difference in points/percentage required to win the map either individually or as coalition? Will wins / achievement medals and ribbons be affected with these changes?

    Thank you in advance for your response. Kind Regards, Hastings TNT

  • I have a question about this patch.

    I had a 100-player map end today and my coalition won. I received the GM for a coalition win but the medal for the individual win. I was the top player individually as well.

    So, I am curious how this works. Is it an absolute determination on whether or not it is individual versus coalition or based on percentages? I was individually at 51% (505 points) while my coalition was at 45% (678 points).

    I don't mind sharing the victory here and I received the GM rewards for the coalition win, but I would like to know why it was decided that the absolute points were more valuable than the percentage to victory amount? Also, if I received the GM for the coalition win, why didn't I receive the coalition medal and instead received the individual win medal?


    Game: 3108872