New level limit for 500

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    As 500 maps are heavy for bytro servers and full of accounts like multis, wolfpacks of 20-30, kamikazzes, simple newbies and haters why not to change entry level limit

    map is said to be only for experienced players - lets make it that way and lvl 14 Colonel with 52 000 points will do .

    lets make maps a progressive experience like in Supremacy1. after plying that much of maps for newbies you progress higher, and higher , and higher

  • I would agree with Golden Frieeza on this, but to a lesser extent. I think that the level 5 would be good. It is right now at level 3, so going two levels would stop some of the newer players, while keeping enough players that can play it in. 500 players are a lot, and it can take up to 5 days for it to fill up. So rising it up to level 5 would help stop the newbies from getting in, but keep enough of them to have 500 players in the game.

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  • Basically we see experienced players farming the less experienced players in all maps, and then it boils down to same faces; a handful of familiar players in most 500 maps that are fighting for dominance... we need sheep to sheer in order to get combat statistics up there.

    So what is the balance, keeping in mind that Bytro is a business and all business is about making profit? Often times it is the newest players that will dump lots of GM's thinking it is the only way and certainly they know nothing else, but the regular frequent flyer/ players of the 500 maps tend to go in knowing they will spend some GM's and that it is the cost of entertainment for a few months of FUN.

    Probably Lieutenant rank would be enough IMO...thing is, if Bytro made such rank limitations for 500 maps, it would NOT be a new 500p map starting every Sunday... pick your poison, new 500p maps weekly, or only one per month or two?

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  • and medals would be worth more

    500 maps would not be fewer- so server response time should be much better

    and we will limit to some extent all cheaters and those who rely on newb friends only

    first learn to play small maps people, then move to more advanced ones. it is less and less fun to fight coalitions of lvl 3 newbs and multis who hope to crash you with numbers and do kamikazze brainless attack

    and when they lose they turn afk and allow others to be eaten for free

    the only thing they are ok with is to do not use any logic and just hope for the best

    it is not even any strategy, this has another name

  • Well considering it already takes weeks for one of those games to fill up and by that time 80% of players have gone inactive again, I think this map has much bigger issues than newbies being newbies. If I had any faith that such an undertaking by the devs was still realistic I'd seriously suggest reworking it entirely, possibly by increasing starting nation size to make it more interesting in the long term and thereby reducing total player count. Right now these maps are massive clusterfucks for about a week and then almost fall asleep entirely as a few remaining players chip away at AIs. Hasn't stopped me from playing them to be honest but I feel like it's certainly the weakest of the maps from a longterm interest point of view which is a shame considering these games can take a year to play out.

  • depends who do you play

    try to fight 5 tiems bigegr and stronger enemy and you will not be complaining

    or someone with 10 M Gms

    or someone who has account active 24day for 2-3 months

    when you fight stronger opponents you are never bored