Bastion Defense

  • Do you remember what is bastion? Outer defences, spread forward to break opponent impetus.

    Pic Below.

    SO what we do?

    We know we have splash dmg

    we know fort has some coverage = 3 KM

    this means you can place your troops around a fort in 3 km radius and they will still get def bonus of fort.

    3 km = 300 sec on foot , by inf, on home territory. 5 mins

    so if you quickly count splash dmg radius o 5 km it will give you answer how close to each other units should be so attacking unit 1 will spread dmg to fort and units around it. It is something like flower but not exactly.

    And as you have deducted... Bastion Def allow you to poor units into defended town without risk of attacking enemy units besieging it.

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  • He did explain everything in the post above your reply. Whatelse should he explain?

    I'm still a little lost and believe some prior knowledge is required to understand the explanation and was not included.

    Flower which I understand was patched and is currently broken was splitting up one army into as many groups of 1 as possible by sending groups of 1 away different directions and immediately delaying their movement so they only moved a few seconds before stopping. I understand this worked because a single troop dealt more damage and took less damage than 1/10 of a stack of 10 troops.

    Golden Buddah said that a fort covers a 3 km radius while splash damage covers a 5 km radius. However, I do not see how the radius mechanic is relevant to increase defense via his bastion method. He also said "And as you have deducted... Bastion Def allow you to poor units into defended town without risk of attacking enemy units besieging it."

    First, I don't see how we would be able to deduct that from the information given. Second, exactly how is this relevant for for multiplying our defense? Does it just mean I should send defensive reinforcements to a city after someone else attacks it and a fight is still active?

    His picture shows sending defensive troops from all directions into an attacked town. Is sending 6 armies of 10 from different directions any different from sending 1 army of 60 from one direction? Is it any different from having 60 additional troops in the fortress to start in a single stack? What mechanic is bastion defense taking advantage of? Is it just using size and damage factors to increase unit's combat efficiency? Size Factors What specific numbers give an effective bastion defense? If I had 500 infantry, should I put 100 into the fort and send the remaining 400 in 80 groups of 5 back to the fort after the battle starts? Or is it just as effective to send them back to the fort in 40 groups of 10 or 4 groups of 100? Or should I start with 200/500 or 300/500 of those infantry in the for before the battle starts?

  • in general if you read strategy and do not understand it - do not use it as you will hurt yourself. you will have to gain more knowledge and understanding. Everything you need is above and simple copy-pasting without actually understanding simpler strategies that lead to bastion is not supported.

    Those are level 2 and higher strategies so anyone who started a game or is level 1 ( HNR and patrols ) should not go for melee strategies because you will die and then have complaints to me

    when it comes to question- there are couple of things related to bastion but most important is splash dmg, most important number- 5 km. other questions about number above are irrelevant as it all depends and i really did not write about bastion to explain basics of melee fight. Those are things that everyone is able to pick up quickly taking into consideration he is fighting real wars. That strategy is good for people who like to fight and like me, enjoy new ways of using melee combat.

    Furthermore- Bytro released new patches and none of simple players was informed about that so we are still conducting tests who those new patches influence flower and bastion. There are some changes limiting stratgies but I am more than sure there are also new opportunities.