die Raben Alliance Young Cast Team, "Jugend!"

  • Hello to everyone!

    The alliance, established and maintained under the name Battle Axe RPG for a long time, was renamed "die Raben" about a week ago. With the new decision, we split the alliance into three for professional (main alliance), intermediate (Jager) and entry level (Jugend) players.

    I am the admin on Jugend, head of the Jugend division of the die Raben alliance.

    Our alliance has been running for a long time, and not just in Call of War. We are also present in Bytro Labs' other pupils, Conflict of Nations and Supremacy 1914!

    Together with the players coming to our Discord servers, we're spinning huge Roleplay-weighted games without interruption (our latest game showed great RP quality and lasted 28 days, even if 70% went through battles). However, we want to multiply our enjoyment on larger maps with more players.

    For this reason, we invite you to our alliance!
    In order to participate, you must first come to the Discord server to which I have given the link below and fill out your participation form.

    We look forward to the great events to be held every week!

    Good games.

    Discord server: https://discord.gg/mcVrY3n