Swift Strike Event game

  • Okay, this event must have been created by a very sadistic developer. I started as Germany and when the game began the ONLY resource not in negative production was silver. ALL the others were negative and not just a little, most were hundreds per hour. Part of the reason is probably because there are NO double resource provinces in the round. The other, I haven't figured out yet. But here's the clincher. My grain production was -326 and I took Paris - Capital of France which also is a grain province. What do you think happened? WRONG. My grain production went to -341. Anyone care to explain?:cursing::cursing::cursing:

  • OMG!!!! I have the same issues!!! I even freakin sent in a general question basically saying "how the heck am I suppose to play this when EVERY resource is negative million?!?!?!" Boris responded with "capture the provinces you need and your resources should go up..." Boris, thanks for the advice and I love you like a brother from another mother, but really?!?! Every time I capture another city my resources get even MORE NEGATIVE!!!! I took a capital hoping to get a morale boost and it got flushed down the toilet! How am I suppose to survive when gaining land makes me lose more things??? I dare the creator of this speed round to play this game and win....

  • Err, I already KNOW you have the same issues, LOL. However, I posted an article in the paper of our game mentioning that it really is nothing more than a game of survival. 10x speed. Here I thought, this will be great, can build a great infrastructure...build a large army....have a ton of fun....yeah, those thoughts went down the drain fast.

  • Ah, and here's the icing on the cake. My coalition which consisted of CuriousSquirrel and I won the game at the end of the timer, however, contrary to rules mentioned in the DE. We got 0 GM for a coalition win. :cursing::cursing::cursing::thumbdown: