Game Bug with Money Trade

  • My ally was trying to give me money, 250k to be exact, and tried multiple times, in different amounts. All of the times I tried to accept it, it subtracted money from him, said i gained 250k, but showed as refused in the chat, and didn't actually give me any money. Any help would be appreciated

  • I trust you submitted a bug report? The GOs are GOOD about following up on things like that, particularly Boris.

    In FACT, I'm going to hijack this little post here to say a BIG Thank You to because HE is doing a GREAT job and is very QUICK to react to bug reports. Kudos to you Boris and please keep up the great work.

  • how do I submit a bug report? And is there any way to get that money back, because my ally and I lost over 400k in an early stage 500 person game