"Undisputed" championship

  • Hello everyone

    I am trying to figure out from couple of years who is the best fighter in different servers I have visited. It is always fun to play against someone who has top-skills.

    I wonder if anyone would be interested in in taking part in such a event in ENG server to promote ENG God of War.

    So rules are simple:

    - no GMs : disqualification for next year

    -no sitters: disqualification forever

    - everyone gets same amount of resources to produce troops and buildings that will be spawned by a team on small map: probably Mexico

    - number of resources is open to discussion but I am guessing 200 k of everything should be alright with 500 k $ in cash.

    Then you set up you rooster and in a day preceding engagement you both pass that info to one of organizers at the same time. Second later organizer copy paste both messages received to show roosters to spectators. If you took to many units for your rooster you will have to decrease its number. If you greatly exceeded your rooster- you give walkover.

    -goal is simple- destroy enemy or take his lands: if enemy escapes to and island he still losses as he has less provs but in nutshell we are looking for a great battle that is not counted into statistics.

    -there is a question on infantry price, I would say barracks lvl 2 spawn 3 infs per day on double prov with a office. So 800 food and 80 $ should be alright. But I am open to question how much to pay for it.

    - provs will have points: I am open to discussion but 1 per prov and 3 per enemy capital should be enough to decide winner if enemy removes to fight .

    -maps will be quite quick as you guess

    -armies will be spawned in one ,delegated province. I am open to discussion which one would it be. Could be two front provinces facing each other which will speed up things. You either focus on main battle or on flanking

    -map will be started at conveniences of both players but not longer than 7 days from announcement. I would say Friday evening and weekend should be enough to decide outcome.

    -there would be set of rules which strategies are allowed what is not allowed but I could opt for everything allowed so we do not have to bother with troubling team to ban players. Let's be honest - if you are good and enemy showed you your trick you should be able to to reverse engineer it very quickly. Thus I am open on discussion on that one. I am happy to block HNR as a strategy as there is n strategy behind it. It is all about who sits longer. I would not like such a person with no skills but lots of activity to be a champion.

    Let me know what you think

  • I see this system like that:

    1. First we make championships to rank players on positions

    2. Then it it system like in boxing federations- if you want to fight a champion you need to go up in ranks

    3. In first championships we can start with any number of participants. Those on top of the Bytro list could go without qualification, those further away will have to qualify against other participants. So lets say we have 11 people.

    We do Championships tree of 8 but 6 lowest ranking players will fight for 3 positions in that tree. Simple , effective without unnecessary games.

    For 15 only 1 place is secure, 7 others is decided in duels between 14 other competitors

    For 16 +- we have tree of 16

    for 32+ - tree of 32

    for 64 - tree of 64

    and so on- powers of number 2. But to Limit work that has to be done in setting up maps I would say we should not go above 16 so 32 competitors at most in setting up championship.

    let me know your thoughts

  • I am interested to participate, however I am still learning, and would really like to participate in 2v2 as vasal or support for one of top players as a means of witnessing and learning most advanced fighting skills from the best in EN server...

    We have many strong players here, I am not sure these players are strong without 'crutch' of gold use? Might need volunteer GO or someone with authority to monitor gold use in these proposed battle maps...

    Mostly I think it would be activity for top players to share skills and to teach a new generation of players how to play 'properly' and there by making the community skill level rise to it's former glory.

    Embrace your true nature , enjoy games and have fun!