• Hello, I am Ryan and I am new to Supremacy 1914. I play Call of War so some players might recognize me. First, I want to know how to build some buildings. recruitment office auto helps you produce infantry units? What does workshop do? Difference between barrack and recruitment office? Thanksb78//+

  • Hi there and welcome to the forums!

    To build or produce something you must select a province and click the hammer icon to build, the cogwheel/helmet to produce units.

    As for your other questions, might I suggest you check out the Game Manual? It will answer most, if not all of your questions; I suggest taking the time to read through it and also to pay attention to the in-game tooltips (push the little 'i' next to buildings and units to learn their particulars).

    Both Recruiting Offices and Barracks recruit soldiers from your population. Each Recruiting Office requires an upkeep of 250 cash per day, whereas a Level 1 Barracks requires an upkeep of 500 cash and 1,000 grain per day.

    Again, this information is available to you in-game. Select a province and click one of its buildings to learn about it (same goes for units).

    I hope I was able to help you out.

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  • Thanks. Happy to see another active forum in the Bytro games. I played several Bytro games and it is great to see the forum active. It is best when you have someone to chat to when you need help. I was wondering how many units do you think is enough on Day 20?