General Game Rules

  • In this thread we'll put attention to some more general ingame rules.

    1. Wolfpacking

    All Wolfpacking issues will be reviewed/determined by the SGOs, any Players found to be Wolfpacking will be removed from the Game Round immediately.

    Any Game(s) may be created with as many Friends/Alliance Members as the game will accommodate.

    Wolfpacking can be defined by the following events:

    1. Should Player X ask/invite other players into a game with just the sole intent to aid in killing off / kamikaze into Player Y, will be considered Wolfpacking
    2. Should Player X ask/invite other player with the intent to have them trade Land/Resources/Troops to Player X, will be considered Wolfpacking
    3. Should players join a game with the intent to influence the outcome and aid Player X will be considered Wolfpacking

    Note contrary to the past Wolf packing does not apply to a certain date of joining, and is defined as solely joining to aid another user not to play the game.

    2. Capital farming

    It is not allowed to exercise capital farming, which is the act of recruiting other players with the purpose of harvesting capital cities with the intention to receive cash and/or morale boost.

    Players that violate this rule will be removed from the respective game without warning.