RP 1701 *no landshuffle*no discord*good fun*

  • It is the year 1715. Europe is a mess of kingdoms, and not one single country is capable enough to call itself a superpower.

    It is a vacuum created after series of bloody wars between interests of kings and ideals. It is a vacuum of unclaimed possessions within Europe and beyond...

    MAP: 31 players map "The Great War"

    LINK TO MAP: https://gyazo.com/2e871c690799c533dceaa0110970d808

    EXPECT TO START: already started












    Several countries have tried to establish colonies in north America, but none of them actually succeeded.

    This vast land is open for exploration and exploitation.


    Westward of Nile delta there are lands claimed by local chiefs, yet not one has been capable to establish any kind of central government. These lands are united only by the islamic faith and nothing else.


    Fields of Germany, Ukrainian stepes, Portuguese shores, rolling hills of Italy and Greek islands have rulers, yet they lack competence and influence. These lands are ripe to fall under influence of their neighbours or they are

    to become fields where military glory and prestige will be won between contesting powers...

    All of AI provinces have each of their own sovereign: duke, prince, sultan, chief, you name it. Meaning that Munich is its own country and so is Danzig etc. Since they are both part of " OOC German empire" lets say they are involved in some sort of mutual conferedation united by same culture. Same goes for all the rest of countries that are not human controlled.


    - no landshuffle

    - each AI province has its own sovereign

    - no GM use or spamming

    - no annihilating other players

    - Roleplay your country only. No metagaming!

    - RoW with your neighbouring country only!

    - land unit restriction: infantry, cavalry, artillery and baloons ONLY! No cars, tanks, railguns, airplanes

    - naval unit restriction: only cruisers and ONE (1) battleship per country! No subs

    - war regulations: one can take only 2 provinces every 3 years! Same goes for colonies.

    - Coalitions serve only for the purpose of war. When war is over so is coalition

    - If capital city of player is occupied, this player's war is lost

    - time count: 1 year = 2 days

    - no building limits


    Wars in Europe to capture the era of early modern warfare... that of Peter the Great, Frederick the Great, and Napoleon;

    Become colonial power of the age with your powerful navy; Establish a delicate diplomacy and compete for prestige of your country; Create your own version of history; have some fun!

    ***By applying to this game please read all the rules and post a sample article.***

    ***Also, there is no Discord or Skype for this roleplay, as I believe it is much better to do communication only through the game itself.***

    ***less activity is lost opportunity***

    ***Lets hope the community is still alive enough to see some of good old RP***

  • Would like to participate, I'm fine with any country and am very flexible when it comes to the roleplay

    Here's an article I previously made:

    Coup d'etat brings a new leader to Russia

    This morning at 9 am a revolutionary group calling themselves the National Self Preservation Union took up arms and stormed into the streets of St. Petersburg. Military resistance was non existent, in fact, most man on guard duty throughout the city joined the NSPU in their revolution.

    After completely shutting down the roads leading to the capital and taking hold of all government facilities, the NSPU began their blood soaked reform. A total of 75 members of the previous government were killed, with another 210 either being sent to prison or being reported missing.

    At 11:04 am an official statement was sent out to all the world. InYourDomix, a politician known for his extreme nationalist view, has been elected as the new leader of Russia by the now in charge NSPU. It is soon after that that the following set of declarations was made, letting all countries know of what to expect from this new Russia.

    "By here we declare the following statements as the first in a revamp of our constitution:

    1º Statement: Russia officially closes it's borders to outsiders. Only current citizens are allowed entry to the country. Immigrants residing in Russia will be allowed to continue living here, but will not be allowed entry may they leave the country in the future.

    2º Statement: Russia will cut all it's current alliances with foreign countries, and hopes any conflict will also be forgotten as a mistake of the previous government.

    3º Statement: Trading with other countries is restricted to the government, all transactions will require approval by the new Czar InYourDomix. Adding on, trading of national information will be considered treason.

    4º Statement: Countries found trying to obtain homeland information or supporting the entry of immigrants will receive no mercy. War will be declared against any country that attempts to disrupt the national peace that the NSPU has created.

    Breaking any of the previous statements will result in life sentence or death penalty to individuals, and a war declaration to countries."

  • No problem to hand over Russia to your capable hands, as there is no need for historic accuracy at all!

    I somehow think of this RP as such: I wake up one morning, finding out I am a king of a country in 1701 AD and take it from there (Hohenzollerns in Finland?!)

  • Article:

    After years of living in isolation the government can finally bring good news to the civilians.

    "After years of isolation, caused by a bad relationship between us and our neighbor countries, we have finally managed to get a diplomatic agreement with our eastern neighbor, Russia. They have promised to give us fuel to heat up our houses, to help us renew the fishing boats and fishing stations, so that we can survive even the hardest and coldest winters. They'll help us with getting a better relationship with the other neighbor countries. Further details will be revealed on a later date."

    The opposition isn't pleased with this deal as they don't trust the Russian interest in their great country, Finland. They believe it is a way to infiltrate in the politics of the country. They've announced a big protest march later this month. King Frederick I already said that the army will try to keep the rest and if needed will use brutal force in order to achieve that. The king also said that he is proud of the diplomats who managed to get these deals and that he has all trust that this will make Finland better than before!

    Nobody knows what will happen in the next months, but we can tell that the Finnish population doesn't have a lot of trust in it. They're gathering resources to survive for a long time. The black markets are rising and getting bigger then ever.

    Will be continued...

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  • Being the giant showboat I am I'd love the chance to play as France. I'm going to do my best to maintain historical accuracy while everyone else goes out and does wild. Examples.. In 1702 was when France first sent an ambassador to Russia.. France will no longer do this out of fear of the consequences a new Russia could have.. With Finland, it sounds like a similar uprising will occur.. Around which time I'll offer Asylum to the Prussian Royal Family, Eventually leading to Fredrick the Great being made very French. With Great Britain should they Remain Protestant I'll continue to view them in less than friendly terms.. Etc etc. In short I'll make my country react as the country would react in such situations. This should help keep things a bit grounded. An example of my work.

    French Troops Arrive in Spanish Netherlands

    In the pursuit of proper and full recognition of newly crowned King Philip the V, upon his subjects in the Spanish Netherlands, His Majesty King Louis XIV has dispatched troops to expel Dutch Garrisons and further Solidify Dutch Recognition of the new Sovereign of Spain.

    This action of his Majesty further tightens the bond between Grandfather and Grandson, leading to the potential of further trade and proper treaty between the two. While this may outrage Greater Britain, and it's Shipping Merchants, France and it's King openly Scoffs at the Heretical nation and it's discontent cries.

    "The cries of rage that flow across that channel concern me little before that of the cries of God Almighty and his dismay at Englands forgetting of him. And need I remind the world that while the sun may never set on the English Empire, I am the Sun King!"

  • Only three applicants so far... I am being a little concerned.

    Many people have not found their way to the new forum. and many RPers are not really on the forum anymore you could try to 'call' them on discord

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  • I wouldn't mind having a crack as Sweden if you don't mind. I may need some guidance on RP but here is a sample article.

    This morning at reveille his Grace the King addressed the troops assembled outside of his campaign tent. The official transcript of that address is as follows.

    “We Charles, by the Grace of God King of Sweden, the Goths and the Vends, Grand Prince of Finland, Duke of Scania, Estonia, Livonia and Karelia, Lord of Ingria, Duke of Bremen, Verden and Pomerania, Prince of Rügen and Lord of Wismar, and also Count Palatine by the Rhine, Duke in Bavaria, Count of Zweibrücken–Kleeburg, as well as Duke of Jülich, Cleve and Berg, Count of Veldenz, Spanheim and Ravensberg and Lord of Ravenstein do solemnly swear to uphold the honour of the Swedish Empire.

    It is now almost a year since the treacherous triple alliance of Denmark, Poland and Russia attacked our empire and sparked this Great Northern War. They thought us a weak and inexperienced boy whom they could easily cast aside, to divide our God given empire between themselves. We stand here now not as a 19 year old youth but as your undefeated King.

    My treacherous cousin Frederick IV of Demark was first brought to heal and defeated at Travendal and now he licks his wounds in Copenhagen.

    Then our most glorious victory to date. At the Battle of Nava we defeated a Russian army four fold our number and sent them running back to Peter the Great with their tails between their legs.

    Now you stand before us and ask where next. Today we tell you. We go onwards for this year we will face the Polish dogs. Many of you know Augustus II has sued for peace and we know you stout Yeoman of Sweden pine for your homes but he can not be trusted. We must thrust him from power and secure our place in history.

    We promise you this. The year of our lord 1701 is but the dawn of the greater Empire of Sweden 100 nay 300 years from now they will look back and say these are the days that built Sweden as the greatest nation in the whole world.”

    The address will be copied and posted in all town squares across the Swedish Empire.

  • P.S.:Please note that title of Grande Prince of Finland is impossible to hold as it is independent kingdom in this RP ;)

    Well I do admit that currently they are under the impression that they're an independent Kingdom but they are on my to do list. As are the Goths who's decedents are living in Southern Spain.

    I'm young and this will be the 1700s ^^