Player Stats disapeparing

  • Hello

    We all know that statistic system does not work smoothly and if it works properly noone knows how and why.


    start checking your stats- at least for me military stats were rigged in the last 6 hours and I lost progress of 2 wars in which I got 50 k military points

    I do not not even want to think how much more points I lost in last 10 years without being informed about the issue.

    How can we trust that system if it goes back and forth as it pleases without any explanation to users.

    Can someone from bytro answer my question- how it is possible that stats disappear from the profile?

    Why do they disappear?

    How to get them back?

    How can I be sure I do not lack any other points from 10 earlier years?

    What is causing them to disappear?

    Can we switch off/ remove thing that is causing stats to disappear?

    Thank you to anyone who will answer that questions


  • I have no answer for this, I have not had my military Infantry medal increased for over a year, despite playing 50 maps and increasing rank from civilian to nearly field marshal, my Infantry medal still shows last increase in 2018... same with several other medals, all 50 maps I have played have used many kinds of organic and mechanical units but no increases in about a year...very odd?


    Embrace your true nature , enjoy games and have fun!

  • I think it has something to do with the "medals and promotions notification" from the old days disappearing when Bytro went to the new "look" Even though there were several users complaining about this (myself included) nothing has been done about it, even though we were promised they were working on it.

  • hi it updated my stats but t here was no updated for 4 days between Friday and Thursday evening.

    stats are updated but not ranking so I still appear with the old points in the ranking

    looks like they have 2 separate system not really working with each other

    update - they also fiXed ranking in the end