Release Notes 2020-02-11

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    Attention, generals!

    The first release of 2020 brings a big amount of new features and updates to Supremacy 1: The Great War!

    Supremacy 1: The Great War is a feature-rich game of deep strategy - which can be overwhelming at times. This is where the brand new contextual tutorial comes in! The brand new contextual tutorial is here to help you! It provides short hints explaining the different menus and UI elements. This should help you find and process all information available in the game. (The tooltips will appear only once, but you can reset or disable them in the account settings.).

    Apart from this new feature we also took the time to rework the balancing of some units in the game and make improvements to game usability, visuals and the overall experience. On top of all that we also fixed some bugs we found.

    You can find a full list of all new exciting features, updates and fixes in the following list.

    New Features:

    • We reworked the ingame chat.
      • Chat size in game rounds is now adjustable to improve visuals and usability.
      • Scenario chat was added to improve communication within a game round.
      • While in a game round you can now reposition the chat window however you like.
      • Use ‘inactive mode’ to make the chat half-transparent and interact with the map while not losing track of new messages.
    • We added strategic adviser tasks to the game.
      • These optional tasks expand on the tutorial and make it easier for new players to learn and understand game mechanics in Supremacy 1: The Great War.
      • Completing advisor tasks unlocks gold, commodities or High Command as rewards.
    • We added contextual tutorial hints to the game.
      • When opening views and menus for the first time tooltips explain players functionalities and displayed information.
      • The contextual tutorial can be paused and reset in the account settings.

    Balancing Updates:

    • We adjusted the winning conditions in game rounds to make it easier to win before time runs out. It should be a special accomplishment but was too hard to achieve within the given time (especially for solo players). Therefore we reduced the required VP.
      • Solo win condition: Now 32% (Previously 51%)
      • Coalition win condition: Now 64% (Previously 70%)
    • All provinces now give victory points.
      • Capitals now have 15 victory points (Previously 10 VP).
      • Urban provinces now have 10 victory points (Previously 8 VP).
      • Other provinces now have 1 victory point (Previously 0 VP).
    • We adjusted attack and defence stats of Conscripts to balance the early game.
      • Conscripts now have even attack and defence values when fighting against any land unit classes.
      • Conscripts are slightly better in defence now.
      • Conscripts do not deal damage against air or sea units, nor against structures.
    • We increased upkeep costs for early game units to make upgrading more worthwhile.
    • We slightly reworked unit costs in the game to include a units chance of withdrawal in the cost balancing.
    • We slightly adjusted the costs of sea and air units in the game.
    • We adjusted morale effects in the game to make them more predictable and allow better use of countermeasures in case of low morale in a province.
      • Therefore we reduced the effect of neighboring provinces on morale, and decreased the growth speed of the expansion factor.
      • Meanwhile we increased the maximum penalty from the expansion factor, which can be balanced out by an increased benefits from high-level propaganda offices.

    NOTE: Balancing updates affect new game rounds only. Game rounds you joined before this release, are not affected by these changes.

    Usability and Visual Improvements:

    • We reworked the research, production and construction UI to make it easier for player to immediately identify what they are looking at, and what is currently going on.
      • To achieve this the background color of a tile switches to blue when selected.
      • Selected tiles are also marked by a clearly visible border.
    • We implemented a floating tooltip that appears when a player uses the button to start or queue the production of a unit or building. (The tooltip confirms that construction has begun or that queuing was successful.)
    • Units and buildings that are currently in production, construction or in research are now clickable. Clicking on such a unit or building opens its description on the right side.

    Gameplay Experience Improvements:

    • We noticed that players tend to focus attacks on inactive players, which is not how we envisioned game rounds to be played. Because of this we removed player activity indicators from the game to increase tension and make game rounds less predictable.
    • In order to make game rounds even more exciting, we adjusted the AI’s capabilities. We dare you to try and find out.

    Bug fixes:

    • We fixed a bug that allowed an enemy to take over a province while allied forces were standing in the province to protect it.
      • Allied forces stationed in the center of a province now prevent an enemy taking over the province.
      • There will be no battle between allied and enemy troops unless war was declared between the two. Both troops will wait in the province center without it changing owner.
    • We resolved an issue that caused the end screen of game being blurry when several other windows were open at the same time.

    We hope you like this first release of 2020 and are eager to hear your feedback on the forums, facebook and twitter. Best of luck on the battlefield!

    Your Bytro Team

  • I'm already loving this update. The research UI does feel better now that you can visually see the structures in a better manner. I saw the retreat mechanism and I can't wait to see how that is in battle. I noticed however that the Victory conditions screen still has the old percentages for winning, besides that I'm liking the first update of 2020!


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  • Hmmmmm these updates q are good but still need longer maps with maybe slower unit movement so that the hundred p map last till day 40 if the players are fighting lol plus alliance battle should be introduced soon I guess other than that I have no major complaints

  • All provinces now give victory points.

    • Capitals now have 15 victory points (Previously 10 VP).
    • Urban provinces now have 10 victory points (Previously 8 VP).
    • Other provinces now have 1 victory point (Previously 0 VP).

    ^^^ above applies to the 84 player map only.


    Iceland has 2 VP in "other" provinces.