Takeing provinces

  • Thank you for your question, aristaeus.

    Seeing as paratroopers don't exist in the game, I am afraid that option is out :D. To get to their capital you are going to have to push through their other provinces until you clear a path to it.

    I hope this cleared it up for you, if it didn't please do not hesitate to reply or send me a message.


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  • You have other methods of doing this although capital farming is against rules, and once you are at war with AI you will not be able to return to peace until you kill the AI

    Having RoW with AI, you can march units past the AI capital, then you can use range units to attack the AI, drawing AI away from position of your standing Inf units... when AI units move away from capital to deal with the Range unit's attack, you can sometimes march in with a few inf units to sack the capital... then you are at War status with this AI until you kill it...

    RoW is a rare thing with the Elite AI unless you know how to manipulate Global Popularity... good luck have fun

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