Alliance Leader Inactive - Help?

  • Hello all!

    A little back story: I began playing Supremacy 1914 about 9 years ago (2011) as a kid during my High School years. I eventually joined an Alliance on here called Soldiers of Rhino [SoR]. Eventually I rose to the top of the group and became its Leader. However, by 2015 or so - I was getting busy at the university I was attending, so much so I decided to pass off the reins of the Alliance to a fellow member who I trusted to keep the group going. Fast forward to present day, I have a bit more spare time now and just recently started playing again however I was a bit disheartened to see most members of my alliance inactive, many of whom who had not been online in the past 3-5 years.

    Now this is something I've been through as the leader before me also went inactive, however a kind moderator was able to transfer the Leader position to me. I was wondering if that would again be possible - to have that position be transferred in the hopes to begin recruiting again and make SoR alive. Again, the name of the group is Soldiers of Rhino. My name surprisingly is still in our group's bio/details section as I still handled new recruits, even after leaving my leader position.

    Thank you again in advance!

    - J-Dowg

  • I'm so sorry that nobody included me has replied on this.

    You can submit a ticket, ask if a staff member can make you leader again.

    Explain the situation, and you should be fine.

    Please feel free to ask anymore questions in case you have them.