The game is dead? Still?

  • Made comeback. I joined 4 new games, to find at least 1 interesting game.

    What I will find out, is:

    - 30-40% of the players are AI by Day4

    - This number rises to 50% AI by Day6

    - Sizes of map doesn't matter, was very percentual

    So basically, this game is dead and useless. If I want to play a "map game" with "taking land from my imaginary enemy", i'd take out a pencil and a paper map. this makes me feel retarded. "yay im so good i just check whos AI, attack whose not, or worse team with whose not an just kill the AI".

    Im registered since 2009, I love the game and I was away for a long time. Im gonna win the 4 games and probably quit again.

    You should make restrictions on joining many games per day, and there must be instant bans implemented when you go inactive of the game, just like in every other normal game which need real players vs real players, it needs warnings that if you join, you will need to play till end of you're banned. It needs notifications before joining that how long games like this can really take, and bring it out in interesting way, that it's your job to take your nation up, and its your Supremacy1914 job to make the players effective toward ur god damn community.

    You know, it's not up to me anyway. But im pretty shocked it's in decades long of time still so weakly built game, rules and community. How the hell havent this game still gotten anywhere, in this long time.

    After going AI in 1 game, the ban should go on till the player is able to stay active 10 days in one single (next) game. The inactivity periods could be 3-4 days, it's perfectly fair.

    If he's not able to stay active till day 10 in the next game, his ban should raise to 15 days. And last step should be 20 days. I mean If hes not gonna play, hes just the most useless account/player ever to the game. Fcks the community, all the games, he wont ever bring you money, cause hes not even caring about anything bbecause you cant make them care. Even I wouldnt and didnt years ago, when going AI is so simple, just go.

    Also the rounds should have so much more variety and GOOD PLAYER BEHAVIOURS SHOULD BE REWARDED. Like playing games till the end, ur last breath, OR OVER 4 DAYS as even that is an Achievement it this game. So the rewarded players will be able to use their Reward points to join a game of "Rewarded Players" where maybe, MAYBE we could see a real game where you dont just know you are safe in 2-3 lanes and just ambush like a retard noob leaving your country without protection but you know nothing will happen anyway because its AI already, so why even worry. This just makes the game unlogical + useless, and im not joining more games cause of this and quitting. SADLY.

    I dream of playing a game where im scared of all the 10, 15, 31, 100, or 500?!?! nations. Holy crap this makes me get intense. Imagine worrying about ur every move, that would be so sick.

    Thanks and good bye, good luck for your next decade of playing with yourself and your imaginary enemies.

  • Most games on Sone start with only a few players. Lucky to have 4-5 left by the end of the 14 day time limit.

    But not unusual for these types of games. Many "events" on CoW have 50% drop out by day five.