Do Spies actually show production plans?

  • So pretty straight forward here, in the spy description is says they are best suited to gather intelligence, spot targets, uncover production plans, and reveal troop movements.

    So do they actually show you what a province is building, units/buildings? Mine doesn't seem to, so is it bugged, or is the description wrong/misleading?

    Also if an AI has conscripts in a province and I try to send my spy through there re recon deeper in their territory, will it engage and attack? (I set the fire mode to return fire, but it still shows an attack symbol if I try to move it past them. Can someone explain how this works? I'd like to move my spy pass the conscripts without engaging them, but they are in a province capture point... I don't want to attack the province to take it, just move through it. Is that possible?

  • Yes, however, intel spys do not always show this information,

    Intelligence spys gather intelligence but what they gather is random not any specific kind of intelligence report is guaranteed ...sometimes they show country information, at which time you will see what provinces have for infrastructure and also what said provinces are building or have in production