War with Right of Way AI started itself?

  • Coaliton member - left coalition - Right of Way stayed - player went AI - RoW stayed

    So thats the situation, and we had a war on a land where both in war had Right of Way.

    Overnight I made some circulating moves to kill enemy arts and army. I made many armies. I FOR SURE did not make the troops attack any land NOR army, just move through and hit whats to be attacked.

    In the morning I discover a WAR with the neutral land, I was so sure it was a bug, but in the news it said my troops opened fire. But Im 100% sure I never made a misclick or attack as I just made them move through some areas and head back home. so it was a simple move command. Now the AI is on the aggressor side overnight and banging some massive attacks on my strategic barely alive defence. It ruined everything for me and this really seems like a bug.

    HOW DID WAR START?!?!?! or am I unknown about some aspects of the game and AI?

  • TE, the issue here is not that your former coalition mate went inactive and you still had RoW.... it is AI country you had RoW with and if you were using range units like arty, planes, ships for bombardment of enemy ... sounds to me like you had a 'Splash' damage situation ... which could cause a false war with AI that you had Row with if you damaged any of their buildings or did damage to any of their units...

    Another possibility, if you have High Command and range unit was set for aggressive fire mode that could also have started such a war because aggressive fire mode would shoot at Neutrals....but that situation has been fixed with new offensive fire control.

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  • This has also happened to me before. It really messed up my game for a little bit. I just chalked it up to my popularity went too low and they attacked me. But I to am quite confident that I did not attack first and my warring troops were a full country over and my troops were just passing through.

  • as far as I've seen splash damage never declares war to AI's I bombarded AI cities with enemy troops in it in the past.

    we're dealing with Elite AI right? they could have revoked their RoW for some reason as your popularity went down? that could have sparked a war and as you attacked them on their land (due to RoW being gone) you get the "your troops opened fired" message

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  • only thing that saves you from declaring war against anyone is to have coalition with that person when you are fighting on that person territory

    I lost over thousand planes due to that bug . It makes you start a war against people with whom you have ROWs and Map, Peace or Embargo when you are fighting on their territory and applying dmg to enemy units. Even killing scout in an AI province could trigger war with that AI.

    huge mess up which should have been fixed after it was reported. I reported it already in 2018 and still nothing.