No Legacy mode for Supremacy1

  • This means I cannot see the map at all! :cursing: I can access all the menus and the newspaper, etc, but cannot view the map to move troops, attack, etc. I understand from my ticket [#BZJ-537874] that you seem to have stuck with the WebGL mode only. This means I cannot play on my PC without purchasing & installing a plug-in graphics card. This is absurd! :cursing: Why should we need to purchase this tech for a browser game? Get a Legacy mode written for Supremacy1 so EVERYONE can play! It works for S1914. Also Call of War hasn't gone WebGL based. If not, can you display the minimum tech requirements for the game? And, once I've gone through the nonsense of installing a plug-in graphics card, I'll be requiring compensation in the form of a credit of Premium Currency to the value of the graphics card. I don't see why I should pay for BOTH! Maybe your developers will get their fingers out and develop a legacy mode so it won't cost you any compensation. I could consider the mobile version of your games, but I'd much rather have my fone as a telephone and not run down the battery playing games and installing hundreds of apps! I expect a full and frank reply within 48 hours!

  • Both CoW 1.0 and 1.5 have WebGL GUIs

    Fortunately, they also have a "disable enhanced graphics" button.

    I wasn't aware I'd hit such a button*. So, how come CoW works fine with my setup but S1914 & Supremacy1 don't? Seems ridiculous!

    Also ridiculous that a developer and/or admin hasn't seen fit to comment. Seems they don't care.

    * Appears I did at some point, or it optimised itself. Let's hope they get the message through the survey I just completed!

  • Hmm .. at no point did the support team ask if I had enable hardware acceleration on Chrome!* For whatever reason I had it disabled. CoW works with enhanced graphics now and S1914 launches in non-legacy. And S1 also loads! Albeit a finished game. The games are a tad slow, but may be playable, I'll see how I get on.

    * You'd think this would be a stock response like "try clearing the cache" or "try another browser". Time to update the script guys!

  • Actually, those are pre written responses in regards to bug reports sent into the staff. And it is suggested in the chat more often than not as graphic issues are mentioned.

    I well aware of the glib, pre-written, responses. I've preempted this numerous times in tickets and still get the same, standard, response; obvious the staff member sometimes doesn't read the content before replying, or doesn't actually understand the issue. Like I said, time to change the script or "employ" staff who actually understand computers.

  • There is one other annoying feature of not having a legacy mode, or not launching the game in a seperate tab (like CoW), you cannot play multiple games at once. This needs looking into; same for S1914 if they ever get around, heaven forfend, to removing the legacy mode.