• Any chance we could have some rush rounds its covid 19 time now everyone is at home isolated with nothing to do completely bored ,the extra action of rush rounds could offer some extra entertainment rather than waiting 8 real days for a factory to be available which is fine when you have a normal life but we are far from having a normal life we are living at home , this is an idea of what supremacy 1914 could offer to the people in these times of need .

  • I have another suggestion for you to fill the time, many new maps are starting at all different times than what we have here in the English server > you can drop in on another server , Italian, Spanish, Greek, German, Polish, and when you join in another server you then have to decipher the servers language using google translate, this is busy work that will fill the time.

    FYI... you only need open different server to log into a map, after you are logged into a map from another server that map will show up in you games list here in English server. The game mechanics are still same on any server.

    Good luck, Have Fun

    Kind Regards, Hastings TNT

    Embrace your true nature , enjoy games and have fun!