New Fire Control Mode - Release Notes 2020-03-26

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    Attention, generals!

    Today we released a large amount of bug fixes, improvements, balancing adjustments and a new fire control mode - Offensive!

    The new fire control mode “offensive” will make sure that your troops stay on high alert and attack any enemy within range. When you choose this setting for a unit, it will start bombarding enemy armies, even if the execution of other orders have to be deferred. The offensive fire mode will stop movement of your units to attack enemies, but they will not attack neutral units.

    The new offensive fire mode is a great addition to every general’s tool box. While the existing aggressive setting allows you to setup naval blockades and preemptively protect your coastline against “soon to be enemies”, the offensive setting allows you to move your troops where they are needed, knowing that they will protect themselves in case an enemy comes in range, but will not trigger unwanted wars.

    Please check the following list for a complete overview on what was released today:

    New Features:

    • We implemented the new “offensive” fire control setting.
    • The player name dropdown list in the in-game chat has a new option called “Reveal on map”. Clicking this new option closes the in-game chat, moves the screen to the capital of the player and selects it.
    • Game settings are now accessible from within game rounds.
      • The Cog icon in game now opens the in-game settings popup game
      • A new ‘hamburger menu’ icon is displayed beside the cog icon. The new icon opens the side-menu of in-game settings
    • We implemented a “new messages” chat divider. Messages below the divider are new unread messages in chat.

    Balancing Update:

    • Withdrawal:
      • We overall increased chances of units withdrawing from combat.
      • Damaged units that fight enemies are now less likely to withdraw from combat.
      • The health of a unit when entering combat has now a direct effect on its withdrawal chance.
    • Winning conditions:
      • We reduced the solo domination win condition to increase your chance to reach this goal within the time of a game round. A solo domination win is now achieved, when a player dominates ~25% of the map (previously 32%).
      • We reduced the team domination win condition to increase your chance to reach this goal within the time of a game round. A team domination win is now achieved, when a team dominates ~50% of the map (previously 64%).
    • Province morale and expansion:
      • We increased the expansion penalty to -1 per province instead of -0.725. The penalty starts when a nation has more than 20 provinces (no change to before the patch).
      • We increased the effectiveness of propaganda offices to balance the higher expansion penalty.
      • We increased the positive effect a province with more than 50% morale has on its neighbours.
      • We increased the negative effect a province with less than 50% morale has in its neighbours.
    • Cost balancing:
      • We reduced resource prices for propaganda offices, infrastructure, fortifications and railroads to address a lack of resources for buildings in the late game.
      • We increased money prices for all levels of railroads and fortifications to address an oversupply of money in the late game.
      • We increased money prices for the last three levels of propaganda offices and infrastructure significantly to address an oversupply of money in the late game.
      • We reduced the amount of time needed to complete research projects in order to allow you to complete more and/or higher level research projects before the game round ends.
      • We slightly increased money prices for research projects to balance the reduction of time needed to complete research projects.
    • General balancing updates:
      • We decreased the speed boost of roads from previously +150% to +100%.
      • We reduced the amount of levels for weapons labs to just 1. Units that previously required a higher level weapons lab now just require a level 1 weapons lab.

    Bug fixes:

    • We fixed a bug that sent players to the game manual, game rules and FAQs of Supremacy 1914 instead of Supremacy 1: The Great War, when clicking on the respective links in the newspaper.
    • We resolved an issue that caused conscripts being displayed bigger than other units on the map.
    • We replaced the flamethrower image in the army bar of infantry units. The correct image is now displayed there.
    • We fixed an issue that had an effect on the text size when switching between messages. Text got smaller and smaller and smaller and smaller and…
    • We resolved an issue that caused embargoed commodities being available on the stock market.

    We hope you like all those new features and bug fixes. We wish you best of luck on the battlefield – make good use of the new “Offensive” fire control setting!

    Your Bytro Team

  • great improvement in the newpaper:

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    2:46 pm UltArticleFactory.48

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  • News paper broken.

    This is a good opportunity to scrap the news,

    and replace with battle reports directly to the

    country leaders. These reports would not just be

    "Unit DE12 was defeated by unit C 13",

    but rather more detailed:

    "The 12th Guards Corps suffered 800 casualties and lost

    12 lt. tanks, 5 75mm artillery and 12 tractor-trucks. The enemy

    forces lost 950 casualties, 15 tanks and perhaps several dozen

    other vehicles. This battle occurred at grid coordinates

    X1328 Y 641 in Lower Slobovia Province, between the hours

    of 0630 and 1720 Zulu."

  • Maybe I'm dumb but I'm failing to see the difference between Aggressive and Offensive other than one no longer attacks neutrals. Please explain it to me like I'm an 8 year old. :)

    Yes that's the only difference, but it makes a big difference in practice. With aggressive you can prevent "soon to be enemies" from landing on your shores or going into your country, with "offensive" you can let your artilleries move along the frontline without the risk of triggering unwanted wars.