slow down the game for better strategy

  • I find the constant supply of conscripts make it too easy for countries to continually throw troops at their enemies making extremely aggressive players which result in the game ending to quickly. I would love to see for a slower paced game that rewards players for regrouping their armies before starting a new war and artillery being used more.

    Also I love the idea of rivers going throughout the Map allowing for some fun naval play although the bridges don't allow for boats to pass underneath them which I find silly. This results in the rivers not being used for navy which I think is silly. In fact I find the navy to be very interesting in the game yet extremely underused as most countries don't need to use navy to get around as basically all the land is connected and rivers can't be used. One suggestion to make navy more useful would be to allow for certain boats to pass underneath bridges so countries can control their rivers easier and stop sea to land attacks better.

    My final suggestion would be to allow for the building of military outposts that act as small capitols. These outposts would grant all neighbouring provinces added moral and if taken, negatively effect their neighbouring provinces. I think this system would be better then having to make a crazy amount of propaganda offices while also allowing for players to make more strategic choices for where they attack. Suggests players to target certain provinces rather then storm them all. To balance this out an implementation of these outposts could mean that defenders get a larger bonus then they do now either forcing attackers to bring a larger force which slows down gameplay or bring more artillery or target these outposts.

    Thanks so much for reading this out and I hope the developing team can implement some of my ideas as I find it stupid how coalitions can win a full game in under three weeks.



  • I do agree with the too many conscripts point although I would also like to see them implement a way to make troops counter others even better. They have the right idea to make certain troops better on terrain and such but I think its not enough to force players to adapt how they attack rather then spamming cavalry and light tanks

  • I'd like to see the river access granted. The military outpost could be interesting too, but I think the river access should be a higher priority.

  • I also like the idea of river access, however, I think that the timing of the game is good. A lot of people ask for a more fast paced game when they first join. This is why you see the accelerated maps popping up more often than before.