S1914 Skill Levels of Players

  • Skill Level 1, 2 and 2.5

    Lvl 1 is harvesting AI instead of fighting real players, having huge number advantage when fighting real players, using HnR,

    Lvl 2 is using a combination of cav rush, flanking, finding roads that have right angles for your arty, Flower Bouquet defending , using cruisers for water fighting in combination with using planes for air support on land and sea. any higher you need HC fire modes for using Flower Bouquet in attacking strategies, many low skill players lvl 1 also use backstabbing to accomplish their goals promising players things can not deliver which they have no control over ...of course there are many tricks with controlling morale, trading/taking provinces, harvesting capitals, resource production, global popularity, ,movement and planning that starts from early in map and pays off at end stages of map.

    When you learn lvl 2 and have High Command you can defeat most any player you meet in these maps if you have a few trusted alliance mates in map with you...many things are variables, diplomacy, relationships, economy, but most important is time using fast units and movement is more import to plan properly, only make fights you can win with 1/2 your armies, NOOB players tend to send all their armies to battle front leaving interior open these players we allow to take provinces, draining the morale from their main stack as we flank them our bigger plan is not defending a few provinces, but to break thru flanking opponent, cutting off any retreat, while harvesting interior and capital , most wars are won in the preparation not in bull shit diplomacy, weak players rely on diplomacy, fighters do not need it is much to absorb, as you play and gain experience you will learn how to SEE maps and recognize what is goal and who you can make deals with, who you must fight to control map movement of land and water routes.

    Time Lag of 500 maps is normal in all BYTRO servers, this is why we developed other lvl 2 advanced strategies that do not rely upon HnR, this HnR is impossible in a 500 map when players have huge doom stacks in play, better to use other strategies I outlined above...only playing and testing to perfect these strategies can really enable us to advance, talking about doing something and understanding is not same as the doing and comprehending the preparation and nuances of each element of higher skill level strategies

    Lvl 2.5, study and know your enemies fighting styles, use their strengths against them as you deploy lvl1 and lvl 2 strategies


    Embrace your true nature , enjoy games and have fun!