Suggestion - Gender correction

  • I didn't see this anywhere, so I apologise if its been suggested before.

    It's not a huge deal, but I would like it if we could somehow register our gender (should we wish) so that we don't see ourselves being called "he" in game. There is a community of female players, and I know from having talked to some, it gets annoying after awhile having to explain were not guys. As well as the pronouns used by the game in newspaper alerts.

    Anyways, I hope this is something that might be considered. <3

  • In addition you could add this option per map Roleplayers tend to switch between Male and Female rulers of their nation so it would be quite obvious that Koningin Wilhelmina has abandoned her nation instead of his nation. But I also agree for the Rp'rs it's a small issue for people who are actually female, and in my time I've seen multiple too it woul dbe mainly nice.

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