Why are there two types of Goldmark?

  • My girlfriend and I play a lot of matches together and we use GM to help each other at times. BUT every now and again we run into "You do not have enough proper Goldmark to perform that action."

    In other words, we no longer have Goldmark we paid for, the Goldmark we now have left is what we've won in a match or two. I feel this is simply wrong. Goldmark should BE Goldmark and not Goldmark A or Goldmark B. To be honest, we do not WIN a huge windfall of GM in any matches, so why nickel and dime us this way? :cursing::cursing::?:

  • YOu can only use purchased gold mark to accelerate another players build etc.. gm's won on maps are for some reason exempt from helping another player...very odd,

    I have also run into this issue with an allie in a map that was under duress about to lose 60 fighters, he started airfield and I wanted to use 850 gold to accelerate his build so he could save his planes, which would not work, to work around this strange issue we had to trade province , and then I did acceleration to save those planes, which I know his planes survival helps my country

    issue can only be addressed by Higher up on Bytro chain of command


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  • This is a protection mechanism against multi accounts. It would be too easy for them to spend free gold on their main account to boost it.

    Seriously thats the explanation you'll come with? :D How about how moderation pay out is also this type of free (useless) GM? You think moderators are multiaccounts? And why would GM won from maps need to be in that, multi accounts most likely blow tutorial GM on eachother?

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  • I find the idea go using gold very stupid as thee is no alternative "free" way of doing what gold can do. Maybe a way to balance gold would be to allow for in game coin to be used as the same purpose gold is. Gold would be way easier but players who have dominated the game and made plenty of money throughout it would be able to still speed up buildings without spending real money. Allows players to still be competitive against other who spend a crazy amount of money on gold each game allowing them to unfairly beat their opponents

  • Back to the original concept for this post. Sorry, GM should be GM whether you buy it, win it or are given it by Bytro. It's been a few years now since the whole "HEY Guys, look at this, you can help your allies with your GM." but what we then had to find out the hard way was ..."But, only if you BUY the GM." Also, seriously, you think winning 3150 GM in a 100 player game could possibly impact another game with a multi-account? If we were talking tens of thousands of GM, I could understand but do the math, 3150 after 50 days is about 63 GM per day. Not enough to make that huge a difference in any game. I re-iterate, it's still nickel and diming us.