Victory Points

  • Edit: Oops, thats for Supremacy 1914, Supremacy 1 should have a similar system but it won't be exactly the same.

    From petruz on discord. They are evenly distributed with 2000 total in every game.…296208031154216/score.png

    There are 2000 points available and distributed over the players from the start and the objective is get a certain amount of them; e.g. 1000 of these points as a solo player. The score you have displays a contrast between your provinces, the morale of those provinces, the upgrades that have been built there and all the provinces you do not have, their morale and available upgrades.The most dominant of the factors mentioned are the provinces you have and the morale each one of them has in relation to all the other provinces on the map and their particular morale. It is therefore an economic score (that can be considered to quantify military potency).

    Some reservations have to made in asserting that the score does reflect economic power however: the DE score makes no distinction between single resource provinces and double resource provinces, while the latter are economically very potent since they give double the resource output for only a single province upkeep cost; making them more than twice as valuable as single resource provinces.There is a bonus to 99+ morale provinces, but this extra score, giving a considerable extra 27% points to a 100% morale province, reflects no real economic power and are in that sense empty points that can distort the view on how economic power is actually distributed in the map.

  • What are the Different Ways to earn Victory Points?

    One of the basics that I need to learn.

    Any experts there can share their knowledge. Hope you can create dropdowns like below. Paragraph answers sometimes more confusing.

    Building: ________

    Resources: _________

    # of Troops: __________


    Upgrades: _____________


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  • Victory Points: There are 2000 points distributed over all players from the start. In most maps, coalitions need 1500 of them to end the game, and solo players need 1000. The game checks to see if the victory conditions are met at the end of each game day. When the game is over, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place is determined as a percentage of points you have vs goal. This includes ai and inactive players To increase your points, take more provinces and boost their morale by building upgrades.

    Your VP's are comparison to other countries on the map, most important is building (upgrades, and Morale, units on map have nothing to do with VP's


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  • Depending playing style and map you want to play. Small maps are easy to make points even they solo wins is faster possible . Larger maps 100-500 is hard to make they solo win so most ppl go for coalition win. Then there are they event maps like 4 x100 or 4 x500 speed map we're most of them end in a coalition win before or at day 57 of they map. Normal 100-500 maps have no time limit and can be played even over years. Most long I saw for myself was day around 920 so 2 years and a half with a only 1 active player and rest AI.

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