Reporting Multi Account Player

  • Hello mods/admins,

    I know this post is quite long, but we don't get any answers to our in-game reports and it's evident this player is cheating. Please take your time to read it and to investigate.

    In game #3060412 the player KLP74 (Argentina) is using Multi-Accounts, maybe like 8-10 of them. He got banned on Day 8 for Multi-Account reason but he is somehow back in the game and he is of course using the same tactics. Now is Day 33 and I don’t get any answers to my reports. As far as I know the other players in the game also reported him. After watching his playing style for a few days I think he might use different computer for every account because when I see movement of armies from the country X the main country he’s playing (Argentina) is not moving any troops at all (usually just retreating the battleships in the back).

    About the reasons that made us think Argentina is cheating, I want you to understand that this kind of behavior was happening multiple times during this game, almost every time Argentina was invading another country, starting from Day 1; I mean who is he??? Moise??? All armies moves aside in front of his armies??? His enemy stay to be bombarded by artillery/battleships and after a while they move in opposite direction of Argentina’s armies. (I have screenshots but I don’t know where to send them).

    We have of course only indirect evidence of his Multi-Account, the most recent are:

    - Alaska, from the same coalition as Argentina, was barely active this game but now he is asking to join the coalition that is fighting Argentina; again: Alaska is in what seems to be the winning coalition, he was quite inactive the whole game but he suddenly ask to join the enemy of Argentina???

    - Hungary joined relative recently the coalition that is fighting with Argentina now; Hungary was inactive for a period of time; when Argentina started to invade, Hungary was staying idle watching how Argentina was conquering his territory, after 1-2 days of this “idle phase” Hungary decided to retreat all his armies so they don’t collide with Argentina’s army and Hungary just declared war on his former coalition and he send all his armies to invade the enemies of Argentina

    - this kind of behavior happened a few days ago with Arabia also: Arabia was invaded by Argentina and his ally (or just another account) Abyssinia. While being invaded, Arabia decided to move all his troops towards the enemies of Argentina

    - Day 1, Argentina is invading his neighbor, he is conquering 4-5 provinces from him and he signed Peace after that (I guess he didn’t want to be at war for the morale debuff)

    Again, in Daily European – Day 8 Argentina is banned for MultiAccount, but somehow he got back in the game and he’s still cheating. Please investigate this because we are very annoyed and our reports don’t get any answer.

    Best regards!

  • posting that on the forum will however not speed up your case the English crew has a lot of extra users due to corona more users mean more tickets bare with them while they increase their capacity.

    Im sure they arent forgetting about you however the forum is managrd by moderators and the tickets by Game Operators so all you can do is be a bit more patient. Im sure one of these days youll get a respons

    ex - EN Senior Moderator

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