Element layout buggy

  • Here are several things. Although I know that this is pretty much like about 2years already, I like to file it as bug/error because it's heavily anoying.

    1. If you play on a resolution less then 1920px width, the fucking advertisements spam is taking up to about 1/3 of the available screen width if browser window is maximized.

    2. If you use the province overview and select a province, it always centers the whole screen under the overview menu. So you never see where the selected province really is located. In the above examples, I selected Al-Kufra. The menus do completly overlay that province on the map. If you want to see the province (which is sometimes important) to f.e. judge on if you really want to build something there, you need to move the map on the tiny little space left of the menu to make the province appear.

    The issues are same in both UIs, legacy & new-thing.

    Those screenshots were taken on a resolution with 1366px width.

    Please fix this. My proposal is to determine the space between the left border of the province overview-panel and the left border of the browser window and center the map view there.

  • even at 1920 pixels the overlay covers the selected province. If i'm not sure where it is i just close the overlay and then reopen it. It's super annoying.

    there are a lot of ways to fix this, the one you said involves some simple math but you could also just add a button to shorten the overlay to one row and then return it to full size when you click the button again. Or even just a place on the menu bar area of the overlay that if you're mouse is hovering over it the overlay becomes translucent or rolls up. They have a translucent effect on the new chat and you could modify that same code to make the province overlay see through. They already make it partially see through just not enough you can "see" clearly. It's pretty easy to change that property back and forth through the DOM.

    even just selecting an arbitrary number like 300 pixels and shifting the map left by that amount would be better than always tucking it behind the overlay