disgusting game that makes you sick as ...

  • hi there,

    love the game, made diff accounts since 2012? 2014 ?... but I never saw disgusting updates like this. I cant say its because of the updates but I really got sick of the game not taking credit for the difficulties the " real time players " are having.

    First of all, get rid of the "users". I have no problem with new players, but if it is day 15 25 35 and they are still abcent, open room at least for others and keep the map rolling ... Give them an extra bonus for the first few days or something so they can catch up, or give them a " late joined and played reward". Like a general comes out of the dust and takes control of the country.

    Second what is annoying is the fighting. If 1 battle cruiser and 1 cruiser fight against my 3 battle and 3 cruiser, while my ships are moving, i cant deny but get disgust by the fact that they can take out 2 battle cruiser and 2 cruisers with the first hit. The attack points just dont add up so much. All the time and money is wasted for nothing. I attack back and the only thing that happens is " 47% " moral left.

    The same with artillery. 1 goddamn shoots out 3 of mine, while 20 can only lower the moral. This happens on the road and not in a fort or something.

    So many things add up. Last but not least, when conquering a city, leaving 4/5 soldiers behind with an average of 80/90 % morale, STILL the province get lost to another country. How hard does this rebellions fight? While the morale is green and raising up, how can it be that it changes with 4/5 units on it with a morale around 40% ?

    I guess this is enough at this moment and dont need to add more, cause there is much more...

    b78//+ pls