Allowing players to create custom maps

  • I have a long and reasonable argument about this. I want this to get to the creators, and I'm not really sure how, and I was told to go here, so here I am. First off, I personally want this, because I feel that the game has a lot more to offer, but the maps limit this. If the everyday player can make their own maps using what the game already has, the gameplay could be endless. Bored of the maps? make your own! the players would be given the ability to change nearly everything in the game. They can either pick existing provinces, or make their own. They could also modify the existing provinces to make it easier. They should be able to edit the population, resource production, what kind of resource, what buildings they start with, what buildings they can make, and morale. They pick how many soldiers someone starts with, where they are, and what their morale is. They can make new nations, and edit existing nations. They would be able to change the flag, name, and what kind of units and buildings they can make and start with. You could also change the amount of resource someone starts with in relation to what nation they're making. They can change the amount of resources that it takes to build something. and change their upkeep. Obviously, most of theses game could either be unfair, or ridicules, so the games won't be ranked. But the option of being ranked should be available, but must be deemed ranked. I could go on about smaller details, but I think the idea is pretty clear, and having anything like this would add a whole new side of the game, even if it's simplified.

  • I believe crating scenarios instead of just maps will boost Supre community even more. Pre set countries, economy, diplomatic relations, units

    hec, If I can rename units ie. call HT - elephants, artillery - archers, cars- chariots and so on I can bulit scenarios in different histrical periods using same engine.

    I have example from another game where 95% of maps and scenarios are created by users and game is real fun

    i am not sure if I can post it here as this is another game product so I will stop here.

  • I know which other game you mean however usually Supremacy1914 takesonly ideas for WWI. ALthought I'm 100% for just calling it supremacy and have WWI as one of the possible themes

  • Yeah something like Total War did with Assembly Kit . You can download it and make your own battles, factions,scenarios, battle maps, even storytelling.

    Opening on the creativity of the community payed off many times. Probably there are dangers and problems that devs see, which we cannot see - that is why I would be more than happy to listen to their opinion in this topic and better understand their position and policy.

  • I don't see what you are cheering for however it is unlikely that they will add this feature. S1914 already has its hands full with the revamp.

    It be a nice addition but i can't see it coming in the near future. This suggestion has already be asked before on the old forums many a time. Since then it has never been added. Its even possible that they will never add such a feature.

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  • Oh, wait, I'm an idiot. I meant to post a thing about allowing small AI to be playable, and with the 'all counties, all in" I though they had filled my request. I guess I never posted the thread... Oh well, it still happened, I'm still happy, sorry for the confusion.

  • I'd pay premium for a bare-bones editor where I can just set owners and make RP maps. It asks a lot of the devs to allow you to craft provinces entirely when simply being able to edit who owns what on maps that are already available is enough for me.

    Agree. I don't think it will be entirely viable to make new provinces with new borders. I would propose that we would be able to:

    -Rename provinces

    -Set province resource production

    -Number of troops in province

    -Which nation owns which province

    -Morale of province

    -Buildings in the province

    -Capital of a nation

    -Name of a nation

    -Ruler of a nation,his picture and his title

    Such kind of editor would make landswapping obsolete,and make it easier to make RP maps.

  • Hello,

    Just wanted to give you a quick update from Bytro's policies regarding "game creation" in their other game, CoW.

    You were able to create 1 game each month if you didn't have High Command and 5 games per month if you had High Command. You also had 12 maps available.

    After an update on "game creation", you are now able to create 0 games each month if you don't have High Command and 1 game per month if you have High Command. You also have only 3 maps, because the other 9 got removed.

    This hasn't been applied to S1914 yet.


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  • Posting new concepts in the 'Missing Feature' is almost pointless since most of the stuff you suggest here don't even get acknowledged by the developers. Most of the time you just get generic replies from the forum moderators saying "added to Biglist" and/or "Please do understand that not all ideas posted here will be implemented in the game.... blah blah....".

    Don't even waste your time discussing your ideas here. It's pointless.

  • Don't even waste your time discussing your ideas here. It's pointless.

    If I may. The biglist was originally a community attempt to make the ideas more classified easier found etc etc.

    Bytro has not ordered us to do so and does not own that list. We hoped that with a list and with what we wanted to have "approval" ratings that bytro could get a clear view of what the community finds important. I wont deny it bytro has shifted it's development power to Supremacy1. And before that to a Revamp and before that to NWE and before that to... You might also notice I wrote more in this thread then the "added to big list" message which I do in most thread if I have an opinion on the idea. So saying the forum moderators only add a generic reply is wrong...

    If I'm 100% honest in my opinion I do doubt a lot of ideas are even looked at by the devs. But I would like the community to realize we forum moderators are at first user/players and part of the community. So I would like to ask to not put the blame on the messenger. You want to know how many devs I've spoken as moderator and even senior moderator? the number counts to 0, or wait 1 on CoW on its first release day there was 1 in the CoW chat. We have no influence on the game design. Even when they preannounce changes and we tell them stuff they are going to implement is a bad idea they just ignore us as we're the moderation crew not the community so we can't know that the users wouldn't like trade limitations/Auto firing at neutrals /... That's about how much influence we have on policies and gamefeatures.

    You guys as community have a stronger influence then we have so I would say that I wouldn't advice to stop discussing /giving feedback etc as despite the influence and manpower on new ideas being small. If we never discuss them then for certain they wont ever have a chance of showing up. Every ones in a while bytro does implement user suggestions (e.g. cavalry) so then it is handy that when they decide to look at user ideas they can find a list of possibilities that the users suggested.

  • I do not think that any of us are blaming you or the moderators. Rather,I think the others blame the devs themselves.