Help me pleas

  • You have been banned from this game.

    An admin or the anti-cheat system has blocked your account for this game.

    It is not possible to log in anymore...

    Game no.#2983059

    This is NOT acceptable!!!

    Why, for being logged on to long?

    I'm in lock down so the game is on 24/7 in the same browser by the way.

    Buying gold maybe????????????

    Happy day 100 for you!!!!!!!

    here you go. BOOOM BANNED:cursing::cursing::cursing:

    What do i do now????


  • Hello Wit Baas,

    First of all it isnt really necessary to post this dubble at the forum.

    furthermore I would advice you to submit a ticket for more information about the situation, beside its prohibited to talk about bans on the forum therefore I have closed this thread and the second one.

    If you have anymore questions submit a ticket or contact a senior staff member.