How do i contact admins? (chat ban)

  • Hi, sorry if this is a wrong thread but im not used to forums.

    I read somewhere that talking about bans is prohibited on the forum so I think the next option is to get in contact with admins?

    I have had my account almost 10 years now and i play this game on and off. Somewhere along the line however I was banned in community chat in game when it was first introduced. I dont remember who (which admin) banned me or why, but as i remember it was cus i was posting those texts that come up as a ****** or something.

    Anyways its been years since i played this game and i wanna come back since its finally available on phones, but would like to chat with some people and honestly I dont want to give up on my ancient account just to be able to talk or ask questions every now and then in chat.

    Who can i contact about this issue or how?