Army stuck and destroyer vanished

  • Hi Guys,

    I am having two problems in game 3174009.


    I have an army counting 33 infantry and 1 armoured car(41st armoured car corps (BJ41)), it is stuck on the map(Columbia). When trying to select the unit, the only option I have is to split, attack and add. When trying to split, the unit is deselected. When trying to attack the unit disappears from the map(note I can see it is still selected in the top), to return when you select something else, when adding the unit to another unit, I can select a point to move the unit to, but only the other added units will actually move to the point.?? I have tried to get the unit to move on Ipad, PC and phone. There is no report stating that army BJ41 has been lost.


    I had an destroyer attacking infantry units embarking. I left my computer for an hour, when returned the destroyer was vanished and the embarking unit is still present. There is report stating that the destroyer has been lost.

    Any help is appreciated.

    Thank you, Kevin

  • Actually Hastings, it depends on the map. 100s and 500s have dead spots where you can't select the units or do anything with them.

    Yes this is a known issue with the certain dead spots, and when you have units frozen on a map, you can zoom / zoom out to then click onto unit then zoom out this way you are capable to again control the unit.. it is a process but it works, I have had to play with it a few times and I agree it was always a 500 map when it happened to me on legacy view you can see the feint vertical line in the display and that is the point you need to move the units past

  • I've had this issue a few times; always with units on the water, I think always on 500 maps. Currently have it with 2 battleships northeast of Fiji in game 2,989,740. There used to be a way to find the unit, then give it commands; in effect, reactivating it. I believe it was Ctrl+F. However, when I have hundreds of units (including stacks), I don't feel like spending a half hour to search for it. For what it's worth, I prefer legacy, and zooming in and out does not work.