500p Landswap Maps for Roleplay

  • Empty 500P Landswap Map by Unknown Member of the Polish Roleplay Community, supplied by Razo:

    500p Landswap Map with Starting Countries Filled In, Supplied by Snarblac, Made by That1Guy:

    500p Landswap Map of Europa Universalis 4, Designed by TheLightningTurk, Filled out by Myself (TheClassyCouchPotato/Uncanny):


    If you view the source Image they are HD so they can be filled out precisely for use.

  • Great. Since there was no 500p map for a long time was even considering making one myself once I'm bored enough.

    Many thanks to the bored person who made it. Saved me lots of hours. :)

    Looks quite Polished too.

  • Those kinds of games [ link redacted ] do take it to the extreme. People should go through a psychological assessment before playing those kinds of games. Those who are too psychologically unstable shouldn't play such a game. Life is too precious to claim just because you lost in some game.