March of the Wolves

  • If you're looking for an alliance which is very active, March of the Wolves is the place to be.

    Keys13 started this alliance back in February and, as all members, including myself, were winning on all maps we were a part of, we quickly recruited a couple dozen members. We currently have 34 members including 3 officers.

    We have a discord channel in which we have constant discussions on all kinds of subjects including game play, joining maps together, debates, and other interests outside of the game. The explosive activity of recent times will be of value to anyone as we have all sorts of personalities, age groups, professionals, we even have a woman!

    Search alliances for March of the Wolves and message Keys13 about your requirements for joining.

    If you want to have fun on this game and be with friends on every map, consider us :)

    Alliance: March of the Wolves
    Role: Officer


    Gold Rush (500p): 1 (coalition)
    World in Flames (100p): 1 (coalition)
    Team up (100p): 1
    Supremacy 1914 (31p): 1 (coalition)
    [Tutorial] The Great War (31p) 1 (coalition)