[S1] Europe 1914 - New Map

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    Attention, Generals!

    Today we introduce to you one of the highlights of our next big update to Supremacy 1: The Great War which will go live later this week: The [Tutorial] - Europe 1914 map!

    Senior Game Designer Markus ‘XFuchsGeiserichX’ Schüssler takes you into the year 1914 and presents his latest creation for Supremacy 1: The Great War.

    "The great European nations are at the peak of their power and technological progress seems to open up unlimited possibilities. Heavily armed nations however, eye each other jealously and a single spark threatens to blow up all of Europe.

    The Europe 1914 map takes the player into the year 1914 shortly before the outbreak of the First World War. The nations are drawn within the historical boundaries. With small deviations to promote the gaming experience: parts of Poland are for instance independent to allow for adjacent players for expansion without immediately entering PvP.

    The map features 19 playable nations to stay close to the historical period and ensure replayability. 1914 is the age of empires and it is important to us to reflect that on the map. We do hope that all players that are interested in this time period will enjoy this fact. The playstyle of the nations is quite different – each nation facing its own individual challenges and opportunities. The huge and powerful Russia for instance, can play defensively at the beginning and build up its economic strength. Serbia on the other hand, is very small and surrounded by other small competitors – and thus might be more suitable for players who prefer early expansion.

    We wanted to involve the US and Canada – as they played a major role especially in the late war – and have therefore placed them at a rather symbolic distance from Europe. Islands should make it possible to advance from bases in America to Europe or the other way around.

    The great powers are only slightly stronger than the small nations – but with significantly more complex borders. By doing this, we want to make sure that every nation plays well and offers players comparable opportunities. Finally, we reduced the feature set for this map as this map is our new tutorial map and we wanted to gate the content and not overwhelm new players: you will find neither rivers nor roads. We want to reserve these more complex mechanics for the more experienced players.”

    The new [Tutorial] - Europe 1914 map and more updates will be released later this week to Supremacy 1: The Great War! We hope you like the new map as much as we do. We cannot wait to hear your feedback on the forums in the days to come and wish you best of luck on the battlefield!

    Your Bytro Team

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