[S1] Balancing Update - Release Notes

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    Dear Generals and fellow gamers.

    With every update we bring improvements to the balancing of the game but with today’s update we are excited to bring you a big one! Since you guys have been with us since the beginning we would like to take the chance and explain to you the major changes and especially why we are doing them.

    Unit production restrictions:

    “Unnecessary complexity should be reduced whilst maintaining strategic depth.”

    Planning ahead is a big topic in Supremacy 1 but researching a powerful unit and not being able to produce it right away is a bad experience. That’s why now every level of a unit will be producible with the corresponding building at level 1, while building upgrades provide a production speed boost instead. That way you are not forced to max out production buildings before building high level units.

    Province morale baseline:
    “Every action should feel impactful and change the flow of your game.”
    Getting an overview of how the morale in your country is evolving and how you can affect it can be tricky. Therefore we adjusted the province morale baseline in a way that at the start of the game all provinces are in a healthy and stable state which can only be changed by actions within the game. Positive moral effects will be added to all buildings and will also increase the spread of positive and negative trends from the neighbouring provinces. That way it is possible to create hotspots that create a positive trend but warfare will create hotspots with a negative trend and it is up to you to find the right balance between economic growth and territorial expansion.

    View range and move speed:
    “Responding to attacks should be possible at any stage of the game to keep as much action in the game for as long as possible.”
    We have increased the view range of all units. The producible units will get a bigger buff than the Conscript. That way it will be easier to scout your country borders early on and producing units early is also more beneficial. The move speed growth behaviour also gets a slight overhaul. Researching higher levels of units wont grant small move speed buffs every level but instead provide a bigger buff in the later levels.

    Meaning of resources:
    “Upgrading the economy of your country and building up a war machinary should not be blocked by each other.”
    In line with the game’s new economic changes, Money is now mainly spent on buildings while also reducing the money cost of units. This helps to avoid blocking the development of a country's economy when building up an army. Money is produced mainly in urban provinces and can be boosted with the Propaganda Office and the Headquarter buildings. That way every building is beneficial all the time but strategic positioning of buildings will have a bigger impact on the economy.

    The balancing update is just one of many changes that were implemented in the game with today’s release. Please find a list of all changes below:

    New feature:

    • We implemented the new [Tutorial] Europe 1914 map in the game.


    • We adjusted the balancing of several aspects of the game:
      • Unit production
      • Province morale
      • View range & unit speed
      • Resources
    • We made several adjustments to the AI:
      • AI countries now frequently declare war against each other.
      • AI countries do not mass target a limited amount of players anymore. AI countries declarations of war are distributed more equally now.
    • We made it more clear that insurgent provinces are part of a players nation.
      • We removed country borders between any province that belongs to a player and the player’s insurgent provinces.
    • We removed the search game tab from the game overview page.
      • The "Search a game" function is now located in the "Join Games" tab and can be found below the big scenario tiles.

    Bug fixes:

    • We resolved an issue that caused an empty bar being displayed below the unit graphic in the dialog window when splitting a stack of units.
    • We adjusted the contextual tutorial to no longer provide game play hints right after the player completed the tutorial.
    • We resolved an issue that prevented some newspaper articles from being displayed correctly.

    We hope you like the new balancing, the new Europe 1914 map and all the other changes and bug fixes we released today! Best of luck on the battlefield!

    Your Bytro Team

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