[S1914] Release Notes - 2020-05-19

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    Attention, Generals!

    The team continued its never ending fight against bugs in Supremacy 1914! Today’s release is no exception, and we managed to hunt down and fix quite a few this time. Please check the following list for a complete overview:

    Bug fixes:

    • We fixed a bug that prevented the correct revolt chance being displayed in the province morale tooltip.
    • We fixed a bug on Desktop that caused certain buttons to disappear from the army bar when multiple units were given orders using the lasso tool.
    • We resolved an issue that caused an empty bar being displayed below the unit graphic in the dialog window when splitting a stack of units.
    • We removed some filter options in the settings menu which are not available in Supremacy 1914.
    • We adjusted the contextual tutorial to no longer provide game play hints right after the player completed the tutorial.
    • We fixed a bug that could cause an error message to appear when switching between different game rounds.
    • We fixed a bug that prevented some links in the iOS app from working on the opening screen after the app was installed.
    • We resolved an issue that caused the wrong text being displayed in the ‘Rewards” tab in the newspaper of Points-of-Interest maps, like the Mesopotamia map.

    We hope you like this update and wish you and your troops a victorious day on the battlefield!

    Your Bytro Team

  • the percentages radically changed. It can not be as simple as the wrong number was being displayed previously 7 men on a 25 morale province NEVER ever revolted. I've done it 1000+ times and never had a single revolt and now I've had revolts twice since the update on 7 men provinces.

    It's obviously incorrect to say the "correct percentage is now being displayed" when in reality the percentages have actually been significantly modified. More than that the new numbers require far too large a "holding force" and this in effect slows down what is already a pretty slow game. I don't mind the speed of the game but when you're on the offensive to have to leave 10 men behind in every province just to have a 5% chance of revolt is debilitating. It's hard enough to maneuver in this game without having a successful flanking be totally undermined by huge variance with too large a window for revolts.

    additionally you have an error in the printf() statement that is displaying the percentage. printf() uses the % as an escape character but a literal % character does not need to be escaped. you either have %%%d or %d%% and the correct format should be %%d or %d% I forget which because I don't use printf() very often. I believe it's the first one (%%%d should be %%d).

    Please consider reverting back to the old scale on the chance of revolt

    • 0 men 28%,
    • 1 man 21%,
    • 2 men 15%,
    • 3 men 10%,
    • 4 men 6%,
    • 5 men 4%,
    • 6 men 1%,
    • 7 men 1%

      (I know it's not exactly tied to men and was actually tied to strength but it's roughly correct)
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  • I've done that in the past but it's still a terrible solution given that a good percentage of the time when it revolts it becomes the property of a 3rd party and taking it back requires you to start another war with resulting morale penalty and more enemies to fight.

    It also does not change the reality the percentages are simply too high now and more importantly they require too many men to suppress.

  • I fully agree, the change is too radical. Particularly considering that even a relatively large force of 7 units can instantly become your enemy and break havoc in your advance.

    It will slow down the game, and it will most likely mean having to fight all the AI countries around your advance, which is pretty boring.