Diplomacy with Ai

  • I find it very infuriating that I can not do any diplomacy with AI countries! They take up a decent portion of the game and being able to maybe create an alliance with them or asking for peace would be amazing. I find it stupid that AI countries get mad at me for declaring war on other countries in this game even though that's the whole purpose. Not only is it annoying when they get mad and put a trade embargo on me but also annoying when a majority of them decide to declare war on me making it impossible for me to win the game as I am swamped with AI. If you look at total war games you can see how they implemented the peace feature in their game. The AI was able to accept your diplomacy offerings and even counter them asking for money. My final suggestion would be to take away the moral penalty for declaring war on a country that has already declared war on you.




  • I honestly completely disagree with you on the topic of removing the moral penalty for waging multiple wars. One of the true strengths of the game are the fact that it gets harder and harder to pull ahead during the game. When one nation are pulling far ahead of the others or making some cheating manouvers like multi accounting and attacking all the surrounding nations in order to expand the “main”, it’s great that the rest of the playerbase has a tool they can utilize to penalize such plays.

    Back in the day when the AI wasn’t “elite”, you were able to dictate your relationship by either giving them right of way or peace, and after 3 days, they’d do the same with you. Elite AI seems to interact with the “popularity” of your nation. The popularity decreases everytime you start a war against another nation. Perhaps changing the ability to interact with “natural” could be a good thing, as they pretty much seems to exist for the players ability to expand without doing PVP right off the bat, and to be some moral improvements after long battles..

    Unfortunately a lot of players tends to go AI.. and most of them seem to have brand new accounts.

  • Dang.. I just realized I wrote to the S1 forums.. I thought I was replying to a S1914 thread. I’m not familiar with the differences between S1 and S1914, and my statement above can be disregarded, if the game mechanic vastly differs.

    I’ll try to tread more carefully in the future


  • I totally agree that the moral penalty is fine when you declare war on another country but I think it is stupid when a country declares war on you and your country gets a penalty. I feel it should almost be the opposite.