Morale Completely Inaccurate

  • Useless drivel - does NOT apply to Sone!

    So I joined a game because you were too ignorant to realize when someone was pointing you in the right direction and/or too lazy to do the research yourself and it turns out the most useless thing here is you. It's exactly like I stated, just using a different scale. You have to do the work to collect the data needed to isolate how each numerical rating impacts it's neighbors but obviously the higher your morale the higher impact you have on neighbor provinces.

  • Useless drivel - does NOT apply to Sone!

    Because this guy was a dolt, I went and joined this game to figure out how the morale scale works here.

    First, I believe the base morale of every province is 50, I wasn't paying enough attention at the start but without any modifiers I assume every province will drop or rise to 50 morale. The headquarters starts everyone on an upward trend and once any province start rising it exerts influence on all the neighbors. Grab all the neighbor morale and the final resulting pressure and you have the basis of an algebraic multi variable expression.*

    I don't have the full range of "limits" because you have to get exact inflection points and this can only be done with a lot of data, but I have such a good starting point that anyone should be able to complete the chart if they so desire

    *Note - You get a bonus from every adjacent province you own, even if that province does not have a road and only touches on a corner. The corner part tripped me up for a bit.

    These are the numbers I'm pretty certain about, I'll edit this as I get more data:

    Morale Bonus Morale Penalty --------------------------------------------------------
    100 +15 | 47-48 -1
    97 +14 | 41-44 -2
    94-96 +13 | 38-40 -3
    90 +12 | 35-37 -4
    88 +11 | 30-34
    +10 | 27-29
    80-82 +9 | 24-26
    78 +8 | 20-23
    74 +7 | 17-19
    70-72 +6 | 15 -10
    68 +5 |
    65-66 +4 | -12
    60-64 +3 | -13
    58-59 +2 | -14
    54 +1 |
    49-50 0 |

    If you're not sure how to do this it starts with simple algebra like (x+y+z = morale bonus) and then uses substitution to get the numbers.

    Real Example - I have a province with a neighbor bonus of 24 and the 3 neighbors are 60-70-100 morale. Then I have a province with +9 neighbor bonus and the two neighbors are 60-70. I know 60-70 = 9 now and thus 100 = 15. You can wait until you have every single number on the board (i.e. you need a morale of 88 in a province to figure out the impact of 88) or sometimes you can just make a scientific guess. It's somewhat obvious in the above example that 60 and 70 are either 4 and 5 or 3 and 6. I can tell looking at the rest of the granularity that 10 morale is more than +1 difference so it can;t be 4/5. So I basically know it's 6/3 as 7 and 2 would make the other (outside) gaps too large. The inflection points are close to every 3.**

    **Note 2 - It's possible it's not a range like this chart suggests but a formula that allows for fractions but rounds the final result to an integer. I've seen two edge cases where my numbers came up 1 off from the final number and if the actual number is formulaic with decimals but the visible result was an integer this would potentially explain that. I can probably reverse engineer the formula given enough data and effort but there's really no need as this chart will still help get close enough to understand what's putting all that downward pressure on a provinces morale.

  • Morale in HQ is declining, even with no expansion!

    The 'morale influences' are no longer displayed?

    Spending all your game time managing morale, rather

    than war fighting is not my idea of entertainment.

  • Psych, I'm currently in a 500 right now and am noticing that it's a lot different than the last one I played. Morale is a much harder thing to raise and to be honest, it's also much harder to get resources and build up the larger armies. As you correctly pointed out earlier, it's a GRIND, now. They SAY they improved the morale settings but I'm not believing it yet.

    I, for one, appreciate you doing the work and figuring it out. Thank you.

  • May I remind you that this is a thread in the Supremacy 1 section and that morale in S1 and S1914 work differently? It was sadly mixed up a lot in this thread.

    We didnt change morale calculations in S1914 btw and also didnt do so in the last months or years. We only adjusted the revolt calculations and revolt settings recently.

    In S1 however a lot of morale settings have been changed.

  • Actually, that is not quite true, sir. Respectfully, the first change I noticed was the DELAY in the spawning of new infantry when starting a new game in S1914. Even THAT minor change has caused the game to be a grind, and secondly, the morale numbers are much lower now than they have been in the past as expansion happens.

  • Well my statement remains correct, in S1914 no change was made to morale calculations in recent time. We only changed the revolt calculations recently.

    Yes the troop spawning mechanism was changed like a year ago, but that has nothing to do with the morale calculations.

    There have been no adjustments made to morale development related to expansion in S1914 (only in S1). If there was any, it must date years back. If you think that is not true, then please list the morale influencing factors that you believe that changed, and what their value was previously. From what I can see we still have the same capital distance penalty and the same neighbouring penalties and the same war penalties since "forever". I am sure experienced players like Petruz, who has created graphs for all kinds of morale related things, can confirm this.

    And in the future can we please not mix up S1 discussions with S1914 discussions, and discuss the relevant topics in the correct sub forums? We can easily misinterpret eachother otherwise.

  • Okay, you want an example, I'll SHOW you an example.

    Note the cities that are on fire? They were helped with GM to put the fires out and after day change they lowered in morale enough to go on fire again. Yes, they're my ally and it's a small colony of his but they're not half a world away from his capital. SORRY, but 2 years ago, this did NOT happen in 500 player games.

    Oh, and just a little aside, I started in Bleeding Edge.....Computer Graphic Design in 1985.

  • That's not the kind of example I need though. I need specific numbers for the morale influencing factors on the province, and how they supposedly changed.

    Please list the morale influences of these provinces here (you can check them via the morale info button as you probably know).

    And then please write next to them how you think that these values are wrong and were different in the past.

    It is fine that you feel that something changed but in order to properly get to the root issue we need to know which morale factors specifically changed.

    Sorry that I am so specific about this but we get feedback all the time that players think that something is buggy or was changed in a recent patch and upon detailed examination it usually turns out that actually nothing has changed.

  • May I remind you that this is a thread in the Supremacy 1 section and that morale in S1 and S1914 work differently? It was sadly mixed up a lot in this thread.

    We didnt change morale calculations in S1914 btw and also didnt do so in the last months or years. We only adjusted the revolt calculations and revolt settings recently.

    In S1 however a lot of morale settings have been changed.

    Good day to you Mr Freezy,

    I have one concern about SI that I hope you could maybe bring up to the team to fix!

    At the start of a round I feel every country should have a province that creates enough resources for you to start off. Rather in a game I have joined I was missing two of the seven main resources (supplies and chemicals) as they were given to the rebels that each country has to deal with. I think it would be only fair to make sure that the rebels don't start with the only chemical producing province in your country in order to give each player an even starting field. As well At the start of the round I find it odd that since you are at war with the rebels your moral that starts at 50 is already getting negative benefits and is declining because of this lack of resources. Therefore that is another reason why each country should start with at least one of every resource producing province!

    Thank you very much and I hope you can find a way to fix this issue I have noticed!

    Have a wonderful day!

  • alright I need help

    First of all I build a ton of buildings in my provinces and I am playing as Russia

    There is a huge problem

    Even though I have many buildings etc other countries have 93% morale for only have recruitment offices (not even workshops!)

    And me on the other hand have built barracks lv2 factory lv1, fortress lv1, recruitment office, and a harbour and the total morale is 63% like why? It is Rostov on don which is pretty close to my capital

  • the morale system in S One is totaley backwards, and has been for two years.

    an IA country with NO Capitol and very few resource producing provinces will increase morale up to 70+

    while a live player has to struggle to keep provinces at 50.

    many provinces drop to 48% at the first day change, and will remain there for the rest of the game,

    if no buildings are produced.

  • Well, this game is about strategies. So you need to be smart to see the resource production, troops, barracks and the others (Aerodomes, Ordinance, and Vehicle factories, and Harbor), and especially the Morale.

    Morale is like the enthusiasm level of the province. The more it's high the more it loves you and will give resource. So if it's lower, the more the province hate you and doesn't give resource. So the rebelling provinces beside the capital is really understandable that probably its Morale is not yet 30% or 35% to make it stable to be left alone. Garrison strength is increased by: Infantries, Cavalry, Mg infantries, spy, grenadiers, assault infantry, and flamethrowers. Also, by the cars (placed in the province center). The second thing is, a no building province, and no troop province makes the Morale of the province goes down by -1% per day.