Resources into points

  • It would be a kind gesture for economic based play styles to have their remaining resources affecting their points in end game,

    This would allow a player to focus on getting a large sum of resources for extra goldmarks at end game screen, even if they aren't in the winning coalition.

    I understand that this cannot be calculated into victory points, for balance issues,
    but perhaps a goldmark for each 10k resources would keep the market interesting all the way through late, and end game,

    I'm still :/ (unsure) but it would be a nice gesture.

    I have a policy to let smaller player who ask to be let alone a set boundry that im not going to invade
    Example: Yes, englang, you can live, but i will not guarentee you lands past the brittish isles

    If my missing feature would exist, england could farm goldmarks by focusing on amassing resources.

    TLDR; Resources should add to goldmarks earned at end game screen :)<3