Purchased resurces on the Market and lost all of one type

  • Hello everyone.

    Game: #3228189 and one other, possibly #3226306

    The title is pretty much the entire bug report. The round was at the end of day 4 and I intended to build two Railroads the moment that day 5 beginns. So I went to the Market and bought the missing Iron and Wood. The Iron was then just over 6k, but Wood was down to 80, Not the 10k it should have been. All three trades that I've made to get 6k Iron and 10k Wood even show up in the market history.

    It's not the first time that it happened, but I really can't remember exactly wich map and resurce was affectet the first time.

    Any idea what happend there? Or maybe I overlooked something and everything works as intended?

  • I've finally know what was going on. I had an Port in the building queue that I was sure I had removed earlier. In other words everyting worked as intended here.

    Sorry for bugging you guys with my own stupidity.