Finishing buildings and troops

  • When my buildings or troops finish there seems to be a time afterwards where the game says they are 100% completed yet they have not yet spawned in and you can't start the production of new troops or buildings until then. The only way I have been able to get around this constantly is by reloading the game. This is not a major major bug but certainly one that can be very frustrating!

  • This does happened sometimes in the game. I don't really think this is some sort of bugs or game problems.

    I think it's more about internet. When I have faster internet speed, this never happens; but when my internet speed gets slow, this happens alot.

    My suggestion is waiting for a little bit longer, (don't really need to load games again) then you should be able to see completed buildings or units.

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  • It's indeed just server delay time if you reload it will be there instantly the server just hasn't notified your client side that the construction is done. So either indeed till the server side notifies your client side, or reload and you'll see them.

    This is btw the same server delay time that enables regular SnS.

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