Suggestions to have 2 formats of games to be played.

  • To begin with, I love this game and hate it too. It is because every game that I have played which has over 100+ players there is always been someone whose a Pay to Win player (GM's user) and has used a lot of GM's to get a strategic upper hand while they are not great at making strategies.

    I suggest the following:

    1) A map with players who can not use GM's and only rely on their strategy.

    2) A map where everyone is free to play and use GM's.

    I believe this would make the game personally fun to play and not make players leave or ghosting their games.


  • This will never happen, the free games would be heavily populated and the GM games would be nearly empty and the GM players would then only be facing other GM players. This devalues GM, if everyone is spending these players lose the advantage they got from GM THEY PAID FOR. If everyone on the map is spending real money you're effectively being forced to spend money in order to just keep up instead of gain an advantage. If you're not getting an advantage why not just play the free games? You might get some very high ROI games once in a while but generally speaking this would most likely slice a massive chunk (maybe all of it) from the revenue of Bytro and probably end the game as a viable business.

    It's a non starter to pitch any ideas that adversely impacts the company's bottom line. GM is a necessary evil because this game is not a hobby for some programmer it's a full time gig for more than 1 person so unless you're proposing a method to increase revenue at the same time you're proposing something that definitely decreases revenue there's less than zero chance anyone will listen.

  • I agree that money is required to thrive in the business industry. Money is required to keep the Servers up and running.

    But there surely must be a way to incorporate the format by not hurting the companies bottom line goal of people expending lot of money.

    Maybe a game where there is No GM spending allowed you reduce the the reward to basic low or do not keep it at all.

    Games with GM's could have a higher reward attracting everyone to play. I have seen people will do anything to win so I am sure people will spend ample amount of money to buy GM's.

    You guys can always research upon the model to improve your visibility to much more audience.

  • Marcus, I tell you what. You come up with a gameplan where a map can be created that is GM free but still allows Bytro to INCREASE their revenue somehow and I guarantee that they will then perk up and listen. Otherwise you're spitting into the wind, bud.

  • I started a 2 months and i love this game as a history nerd this right up my alley. These are few more suggestions I am sure you have thought of ..

    1. A buddy list or friend list esp for frequent and longterm players

    2. Rating list or reputation list

    3. Mid-game or end of game polls or awards : The most Machiavellian or The Schlieffen Award best strategic, players best villain, best ally, maybe a few fun awards displayed in the paper players get to vote . Players submit their own polls in the paper that could be fun.

    4. When you are being invaded a def army should be able to destroy an airfield or factory perhaps just damage it .

    5. As a spy gains exp the spy can perform more targeted attack this of course leads to greater danger of being would give the smaller country a shot.

    6. It would fun if a Sub can covertly attack troops ...

    Thanks just few ideas Thank you

  • Hello, actually, most of your ideas are already exist in the game... Maybe you did not notice yet. Maybe you should check the game manual first if you have not done so:

    No sacrifice, No victory!

  • This doesn't mirror reality. First if you had the server data and purchase data or had simply played a lot of games you should realize that people sometimes spend $100 or $200 on GM in a normal game with normal rewards. The reward has almost nothing to do with what prompts spending. It's more likely you run into a whale in the 60k GM reward events but I've run into players with 1M GM in a regular 100 player map. One guy burned 600k trying to keep his air force so large a coalition could not dig him out of north america.

    Mostly spending is probably driven by 4-5 things

    • ego
    • anger
    • impatience
    • revenge
    • alcohol

    and most of them really can be wrapped up by 1-2 words. impulse and emotion.

    There's basically less than zero incentive at all for bytro to offer any "no GM games". Some of the people playing those games would otherwise be in regular games and might get their feelings hurt enough to break out their wallet. this is a huge opportunity cost for Bytro. Effectively you're telling a bar operator that you would like to tie up half his tables with your book-club and those people will not only juts be drinking water but they are going to lure some of the drinkers to sit with them and just drink water.

    You're not stepping back far enough and thinking about how your suggestions would actually impact Bytro. You're fixated on a desire to have the setting you want 'completely free game with no chance of other players having a GM advantage' but the only way this would be possible is if you all agreed to some form of subscription service where people who had the "all things even" monthly pass could play in games that were just for them. The worst part about some of your suggestions is if you got your way the game would probably go offline when they could not pay their bills.

  • First if you had the server data and purchase data or had simply played a lot of games you should realize that people sometimes spend $100 or $200 on GM in a normal game with normal rewards.

    I think for some players this is evena small amount...

    The reasons for GM usage vary. The small spenders do it to make up for not being online at day change (built aht lvl 1 factory at day 8 without the 12 hours delay of you still being asleep) The really heavy spenders...

    There used to be a qoute of Emperor Charles V that I find very fitting. I'll paraphrase as I can't find it back. But apparently Charles V wanted the conquistadors in South AMerica to be more civil to the locals. One of those conquistadors answered.
    "Why would the spanish come to the new world if it was not to be superior to the locals?"

    Same counts with GM ffree adn GM usage games. if you have GM free games all free users would most likely stick on them. the GM users would have to be dropped int he GM usage games. But when you paying no longer gives you the advantage over a ton of free users... why would you still pay?

    Even more funny as GO back int he days we even got reports already of payers being outpayed and mad that they were outpayed demanding refund xd. That alone shows some of them are only willing to pay if they get the advantage over the others.

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  • As for whales even being in 100P games, that's true but I have even seen whales in 31P games. Those are the ones where you simply say if the guy wants the win that bad it's really foolish because if he he wiped out your entire army and country, the impact to your stats is negligible at best.

  • I won a lot 500 with real gm spender in it and if speak spender I mean over 1000 dollar for that map he spend. is not impossible kill him depend how long map goes and we're your located in start. If next to him then indeed will die if far away can build up. Around day 50/60 you have army kill his army of gm. Of course will need use gm to but not 10% what he use. It. make server free other that no buy anything so I don't see problem real gm spammer. Other suggest play a group 4 ppl know and won't spend gm same around 50/60 day in game are ready kill him with some cost your part or sacrificed from 1 the group how take the hit for other 3 to destroy him.

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